Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big Brother Trifecta - This Is All Natural

It's only the first Tuesday edition of Big Brother for Season 8, and my first official entry into the Big Brother Trifecta with fellow bloggers QTA and ModFab, and ALREADY so much has happened in the house that either the houseguests are going to burn through the drama right from the start and end up tired and flailing on couches disgusted at one another, or someones going to give someone gonorrhea.

So, I swore I was going to break free from Big Brother this summer but I'm glad ModFab pulled me right back into the juicy mess that is this season (or at least the abswatch on Nick and Mike and the mess between Dustin and Joe). I've already checked the Live Feeds reports (flush of red shame on my face) but in case you don't want to hear the spoilers already, I'll leave them at the end of this post.

By now, we've all heard about Nick's gay exploits and his openness to a little male-on-male flirting. Now we see him trying to get with all the girls. Nick's a damn playa slut! Game play or not, keep up the ho-mework NIck! Just keep using those pecs for good and not evil!

And evil he shall strike down, as Nick and Joe catches Jen's lies and narcissistic tendencies. Booya. Jen will probably be the next to go.

"America's Player" Eric must cry his eyes out to Kail (KAIL? Boring) as his task this week, and does a pretty comparable job. Degrassi: TNG quality acting at worse. At least better than Degrassi Originals. Was he crying over Danielle's toothpick like body? I wasn't really paying attention. I was trying to get a glimpse of his nipple rings. Yes America. We have nipple rings apparently! Oops. Was that a spoiler? Uh. Spoiler Alert? Now we must tell Eric who to vote out of the house. (Ahem. AMBER).

It's the first Veto of the summer but, yawn, with the exception of Janelle winning them and saving herself off the block, or a few choice moves (which Marcellas will never forget), the Veto is never really that exciting since it's rarely used. Daniele and her 20lb body wins the first veto in a hide and seek veto game, but chooses not to exercise the power. Yawn. So Amber and Carol stay on the block. Yawn. (Ahem. AMBER. OUT. NOW.)

I'd talk about my love for Jameka but she got about a minute of airtime and half of that was talking about her weave/not weave. I'd talk about Jessica but really. Let's not. Daniele already looks like she's just come off Survivor so I'm not sure if being on the slop diet is going to be good for her. Mike was absent most of the episode. Was he even IN the house? So at this point in the game, faves include Jameka, Dustin, Carol and Nick and Mike if only for visual purposes. Jessica, Jen, Joe and Amber must go soon, Jen and Jessica ASAP for sure. Seriously. No one can be THAT stupid. Can they?

Some possible Spoilers Alert ahead: From the blogging of the Live Feeds, here's some of what was learned so far through Jackie. I have no idea what job Jackie has but if she lives half decently and has enough money to eat and pay for cable and can STILL run that blog, I want THAT job. And apparently I was right. They have burned through the drama as things are calming down recently and people are starting to get along. Damnit, where's Joe running around with Gonorrhea?

1. Joe is still in love with Dustin. Dustin and Jessica were recruited by Big Brother to be part of the show. Which means Joe and Carol were the ones that really wanted to be on the show. Dustin however knows the game WELL.

2. Eric is truly crazy and made to look like the lovable guy through major editing. Oh well, I don't care. I'll take the lovable nutball for now. He also talks a LOT and is quite the pottymouth. Those eyebrow expressions (like those cartoons with either the line up /\ or down \/ as indicators of moods) are a bit out of control though.

3. Dick does NOT sleep. He also cleans a LOT and seems to be the mother hen in terms of household chores. Who knew? Mike apparently also likes to clean. Does he do laundry on his abs? He could. He should.

4. Confirmation that EVERYONE hates Jen. Outside the house. Inside the house. Everyone. She is also as stupid as she looks on her photo. No wonder she cried about it (and no, she's STILL not over it). She also knew Mike Boogie. I didn't realise you could go into negative points with me?

5. The housemates like to go on "dates" as a way to kill time and get to know each other.

6. Nick digs Daniele and doing the whole showmance thing. When he's not letting the gayboys fawn over him.

7. The tides are turning and the votes are heading toward ousting Amber instead of Carol. Yey! However, we will find all that out in the first elimination episode of Big Brother this year when QTAdoes our first Thursday report (he's switching places with ModFab this week)! Plus ModFab reports again on Sunday! Now I gotta run and catch Harry Potter's first midnight show!


rural juror said...

I've seen 2 episodes of this show and STILL I can't remember a thing about Mike. Not a thing. Is he really in the house? I barely have a recollection of Zach, as it is.

The Nick and Jen kiss drama...wow. What, exactly...? Let's not even get into her overall psychoness. As for him, you know, flirting with EVERYONE will probably cause issues so no need to flip out. And Joe...oh Joe. "Sorry, I can't keep my mouth closed (smirk)." whatever...he's annoying me a lot less than before, though, so good for him.

Daniele will be the first person to die in the Big Brother House...jesus, woman.

My liking for Eric was cemented this week, b/c that thing he pulled off with Kail...hehehe. I have only what the editors give me so, even if he is a raving ass hole, I'll just keep being diluded.

Jessica...funnest bitch ever. Too much peroxide has rotted her brain., and Jameka is hillarious.

rural juror said...

Ok...so I'm worried b/c I've watched a bunch of Eric stuff on YouTube and, it's all still endearing to me. He cusses a lot......so? He talks a bit too much...eh. Don't care. Am I just really odd in thinking this?

qta said...

Great Post! I, too, hope Nick uses his abs for good and not evil. I LOVED it when he called out Jen for her lying ways... yay... I hate her so much. He should be careful with Daniele though... he is so big and strong.. and she is... well, other than playing very well, tiny and fragile.

vance said...

Oh, Eric isn't so much a raving asshole as just a bit crazy and spastic but still funny. I dont know. I think its all kinda cute still too. So no. not odd.

Daniele is going to disolve really soon.

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