Monday, July 30, 2007

The Geeks Like It! - Shoot 'Em Up Might Not Be A Total Bomb After All!

So Shoot 'Em Up seems to be getting some good buzz out of this past weekends Comic-Con in San Diego. (quietly in my head, oh thank god... and for more reasons than you would think). Well, I'm glad I apparently don't really know how to read a script (um, wait. that DOES worry me), although I guess the whole point of the film really isn't about the words. It's really about Clive Owen being cool (which, I think comes off WAY too easy for the jokester (yes, quite the prankster actually)).

I'm guessing Monica Belucci playing a character named DQ (Dairy Queen, I'll let you make the inferences) doesn't hurt getting the nerd boys to the box office either.


LinzMcC said...

Being that I read your blog and comment on a regular basis, would you like to clarify what exactly you do and how you are seemingly linked to Shoot 'Em Up???? Much appreciated :)

vance said...

hehe. I know. I've been slipping clues here and there but I leave no traceable tracks behind, so email me if you can and I'll explain...

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