Monday, July 30, 2007

My Boys - Better Than Men

I know I've never actually talked about it but I really enjoyed watching Season 1 of My Boys. It was like witty comfort food (can food be witty?) and it seems like it somehow vaulted from lamish cable show to a maintstream type favorite comedy with the bloggers and critics, except without the mainstream popularity and success, partially due to the fact that its on TBS and partially because actual mainstream success for comedies now consists of Two and a Half Men, so maybe actual mainstream success isn't what we want to strive for nowadays, is it?

Anyways, Season 2 of My Boys starts tonight on TBS at 10pm (9:30pm on CH in Canada). I'm actually kind of excited. Maybe it's because its summer and there's nothing else on TV but I watched it over this past TV season with all the competition, so there goes that theory.

Speaking of cable shows, Weeds starts soon (yey!), though I'm SO far behind on Entourage (though because I don't actually get it on the cable channels I get) that I worry that I'm falling too far behind and the TV fall season is just about to start again soon. And I haven't even had time to start on all the other new summer shows like Damages or Greek. Plus I still haven't managed to have time to watch The Wire, Big Love, Rome or Battlestar Gallactica on DVD yet. I know. Shamefull. I feel like a failure. Meanwhile, I already slather on the sunblock and yet I'm still getting really dark. I know people generally love that but I don't. I'm that guy under the palm tree at the beach (well, when I'm not in the water, which I guess is where the dark comes from?). I need to start hiding out indoors again and catching up on TV before I get crispy burnt.

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