Friday, April 18, 2008

30 Rock - Tasty Tasty Sandwich

Subway Hero - Ep. 212

Jack wants Liz to get the guy who saved someone on the subway onto the show in some roundabout way to help support McCain.

The subway hero? Dennis Duffy! Liz's loser ex! DEAN WINTERS!!! (I've always had a thing for Dean Winters since Oz and SVU). I love that the guy can do Oz and then nail the comedy on 30 Rock (and the same reason why Christopher Meloni is awesome too! So funny in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle).

Of course, this being Liz, she slowly succumbs to the easiness of being with Dennis Duffy, as big of a twat that he is. Sure, she's not doing it intentionally, so she says, but Dennis is out for her heart again and unbeknownst to Liz, she's falling for it all. At least until Jenna points it all out (thank goodness! Go Jenna!).

There's a whole bit with Tim Conway as Bucky Bright, an old star from the heydays visiting the building with guide Kenneth the Page and with the whiff of a secret homosexual orgy and other scandalous things, it starts ruining the image of the glamourous TV life for Kenneth, until he finally makes the connection of his own life (and aiding Tracy Jordan's scandalous life).

But the best line? "We used to call this the Jew room" - Tim Conway's Bucky Bright looking into the writer's room.

The next best? When Dennis was telling Jack about his plans to woo Liz back, and doing it without thinking about it.

Jack: "Not thinking is what makes America great"

30 Rock is back (I'm not counting last week's oddly disturbing (but kinda funny, but still disturbing) episode)! And I haven't even gotten into the part where they skewer the whole electoral voting system!

Loved Tracy's dream sequence that convinces him to support the Republican party (with a super scary Richard Nixon played by Alec Baldwon via Jack Donaghy).

Tracy is convince by Jack to do some ads in support of the Republicans, but after realizing that Blacks will never vote for anything but Democrats, they make a brilliant commercial with Tracy endorsing NOT voting!

Genius, and sadly, probably a very real campaign out there, brewing in the Republican's campaign quarters... ugh... shudder... scary.

Anyways, Dennis takes Liz back to the scene of the crime hero incident and tries to use Liz as bait for another hero moment after the media starts shunning again after seeing his real personality. Liz won't have anything to do with it anymore but Dennis vows to return. Dun dun DUN...

Nest week on 30 Days Around the Rock...Can't wait again! Finally, it's been too long!


Esther said...

I think "30 Rock" is even funnier this year, more satirical.

Loveworm said...

1 question. I didn't get the jew room joke. What does it mean?

Vance said...

theres a stereotype that jews rule hollywood, and that jews are especially great writers that fill the writers room. jew room is just a bit more blatant way of saying it.

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