Monday, April 14, 2008

Desperate Housewives - Putting On Your Sunday Best

Sunday - Ep. 411

Despite the resurgence of a re-invigorated Desperate Housewives this season, I wasn't sure I was really missing them all that much during the strike-hiatus. That was until they came back tonight. While it wasn't the best episode, it wasn't as awkward as 30 Rock and The Office, and it was nice to sit down on a Sunday night and feel comfortable watching our favorite Desperate Housewives in all their shenanigans, like admitting to an affair while trying to marry her first husband 2 weeks after her last husband died (Gaby), clues to some killing of your former husband (we think) and secretly scheming with the new husband to trick their daughter (Katherine conspiring with Adam against daughter Dylan), watching your older cousin hit on the young 18 year old girls (Susan with a conveniently new cousin Tim popping up, played by a conveniently young, blond and hunky Chris Carmack (The OC)). You know, the typical stuff you wanna think about on a relaxing Sunday evening. It's nice that the housewives are back!

Did I mention it was actually a pretty funny episode?

Like Mike using his drug addiction to avoid chores?

Or when Gaby finds out that Carlos is actually permanently blind, instead of the temporary that she though he was when they got re-married in a hasty ceremony. (Plus her convincing the priest TO remarry them in the first place!)

Or the quick twist that even I didn't see coming; with Tim, who seems to be interested in the young 18 year old Dylan, found by Susan in bed with Katherine instead! That was actually kinda funny and unexpected. Especially since Katherine was having meltdowns about being found out.

Also, who knew Chris Carmack could be so funny? Especially being so proud of losing his virginity to Katherine way back when and telling everyone at band camp about it? He hinted at his comedic chops at the end of his run on The OC but this is a nice comeback.

Of course, it all gets creepy when Tim recalls going back for another attempt at a tryst with Katherine in his younger days and seeing Katherine knock out a man (that he believes was her ex-husband) with such a violent force that it scared him. (Uh, so then he comes back and joyously has an affair with her again NOW?)

Meanwhile Dylan confesses what she knows to Adam, bringing up the note Aunt Lily left that she found half burnt (when Katherine tried to get rid of it). So what is Adam's deal in all this? Whatever it is, as long as it keeps Nathan Fillion in more scenes, I'm actually okay with it!

I was worried about the whole Church storyline, with Lynette trying to attend church in search of faith that she thought Bree seemed to have, but it seemed that Bree was only going to church to continue her perfect front to become the perfect person. I had to rewind and rewatch their eventual confrontation when Lynette stops going to church much to Bree's annoyance (since she gets bonus points for suckering bringing in new converts) but while I zoned out the first time, I was touched the second time around, when Lynette brings up her horrible recent past (surviving cancer AND a tornado, at least they haven't forgotten about it and completely moved on) and Bree reveals her real faith beneath her stepford exterior. It nicely skewered suburban religious rituals while still praising having faith (and thus, not bringing on the wrath of those crazy groups (well, I'm sure they don't watch this show anyways and if they did, the murder and infidelity would have already sparked their protests)).

There were still some parts that felt like they were being wrapped up from before as they try to move forward, but all in all, it was nice to have Desperate Housewives back!

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