Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Little New York

(UPDATE: My sister just emailed me and she just passed Neil Haskell on the street at 50th and 8th on his way to the New World Stages. He must be in rehearsals already!!! Sadly she didn't get pics because she almost ran into a lamppost stalking admiring/following him).

And while I've already revealed my sister in the previous post (plus another post last year), I might as well post this because we were SOOOOOO excited when we bumped into them near Times Square after leaving Macbeth on Broadway.

Yeah, we saw Patti LuPone on stage, Patrick Stewart at the stage door, I literally RAN INTO Judith Light (Ugly Betty, Who's The Boss) in the lobby at Gypsy (she was sweet about it and even laughed when I gasped after recognizing who she was), then passed Canadian comedian Rick Mercer (This Hour Has 22 Minutes, The Rick Mercer Report) on the way to the loo at Gypsy, and we had previously seen everyone from Lauren Graham, Ellen Pompeo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rosie O'Donnell etc etc etc, plus I see people on set all the time, but...

this made us SOOOOOO EXCITED!!! Like yah but no but yah but no but ya but no but yah!!!

These two guys (Matt Lucas on the left, David Williams on the right) ROCK! And after I had stepped on one of their feet too. Oops. Still, SO nice and even re-arranged themselves to centre us in the photos. So sweet! I wonder if they were in the country to film Little America Britain USA? I was about to ask but some gibberish came out of my mouth and I just stopped myself before I embarrassed myself even more.

If you don't know who these guys are, rent/buy Little Britain. But I warn you, you may injure yourself after falling on the floor laughing.

Oh yeah, and Giles (Anthony Head Stewart) is in it too!

I've got a pic too but sorry, unless you've facebooked me, I've got to keep myself annonymous for fear that I might slag someone I end up working with in the industry, past, present and future. Or for spilling secrets.

Still, if you can find me on facebook, feel free to add me (just let me know you're a reader or something).

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