Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tapeworthy - Men in Trees, Desperate Housewives, Samantha Who?, Scrubs, The Big Bang Theory, Bones, Corner Gas

Men In Trees - Wander/Lust - Ep. 215, Kiss and Don't Tell - Ep. 216
Desperate Housewives - In Buddy's Eyes - Ep. 412
Samantha Who? - The Butterflies - Ep. 112
Scrubs - My Bad Too - Ep. 707, My Manhood - Ep. 708
The Big Bang Theory - The Bat Jar Conjecture - Ep. 113
Bones - Player Under Pressure - Ep. 311
Corner Gas - Final Countdown - Ep. 518 - Season Finale

Men In Trees: Seriously, with my pathetic love life, I have to live vicariously through Men in Trees. I really should just move to Alaska shouldn't I? I especially love/live through Jane and Plow Guy Sam the most. Seriously, adorable! Loved when he bought the ring from the lost and found at his work (the sanitary dept. for the city) and Jane was grossed out, lost the ring, fell in love with it and had it returned right to her on her doorstep. Cute and a complete fairy tale but a fairy tale I so needed.

Also loved the awkwardness of Julia's (Kelli Williams) return last week AND Cash's (Scott Elrod) return this week. It's so silly that Marin and Jack can't seem to have friends of the opposite sex and be cool with it but the way they write it, it actually seems real and grounded.

Patrick finally has the gumption to go on his round the world trip and stops in New York joining Jane at her workplace where he charms Sofia Vergara and everyone else in the office with his small town boy charms! Annie finds herself alone in Elmo but charms newly single Buzz (from losing Mai's Hawaii-in-the-home fund to a gambling addiction) and all the radio listeners when she replaces Patrick at the mic. Annie was adorable getting Buzz to trust her ("hell no!") but why has no one even mentioned her adorable short haircut?

I had to laugh when Sofia Vergara's character asks Jane to essentially pimp out Patrick to her in exchange for her book deal. I love that this show throws in salacious things all the time and it still somehow feels like a wholesome show.

Desperate Housewives: As much as seeing Jason Gedrick again is not a terrible thing, I kinda hoped the pizza place thing and Lynette's family troubles would simmer down a bit. For goodness sake, let something good happen to the woman for once!

Orson's sleep walking was truly disturbing, and when he unknowingly revealed all in front of Julie, I had shivers Lost style on me. CREEPY!

Bree's comeuppance at the awards ceremony that was intended for HER was cliched yet still hilarious and her newfound respect/realization of Katherine as a perfect frenemy seems potentially frentastic!

Samantha Who? and Scrubs: One's new, one's getting old, and both are not at the game level they should be playing at (but both may be on the same network come fall), but I like the main characters enough to continue to stick by, even though I'm not laughing as much as they could be making me.

I'm still contending that Judy Reyes and John C. McGinley deserve Emmy Awards so I almost want Scrubs to continue staying on until they get a nomination in the very least.

The Big Bang Theory: Jim Parsons = hilarity. Jim Parsons + guest star Sara Gilbert + her former Roseanne costar Johnny Galecki = something far funnier than all of Chuck Lorre's previous efforts combined. I found myself already laughing out loud several times as Leonard, Rajnesh and Howard ask Leslie to beat Sheldon in a quiz showdown, but Howard's victory strip took it to another level.

I actually like Kaley Cuoco but at this point, her Penny is pretty useless to the proceedings. They really need to ask Sara Gilbert to join permanently.

Bones: Someone remind me not to eat dinner while I watch this show, which always seems to happen. And then I end up sitting with my mouth open in disgust, this time when a star college basketball player gets SQUEEZED through a grate. Ewwwwwwww.

It's also a second week in a row where one of the suspects/creepy people is a Lost alum! This week with Artz (Daniel Roebuck) as someone suspected of giving the star player some steroids.

But again, the real fun is back at the lab, with Hodgins uses Cam's personal blender to mix larvae (again, remind me NOT to eat while watching this show), Cam attempts to get Angela to keep Hodgins in check, and nicely blackmails her with a surveillance tape of the storage closet at lunch time that features starring roles with a naked Hodgins and Angela. I love that Cam was nice about it and that Angela ends up being quite proud of the tape!

Corner Gas: On the season finale, Brent turns 40 and plans to drink the 20 year old whiskey he bought 20 years ago that Hank had used 20 years ago. Loved Emma and Lacey's cake bake off fight but this was also the episode that seems to be getting some attention in the states for the small random cameo from Kiefer Sutherland as himself, living in his mother's (Canadian actress Shirley Douglas who has been on the show as someone else and just guest starred on Degrassi) house.

Here's the clip where Davis calls for backup and get the son of Shirley Douglas on the phone:

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