Thursday, May 28, 2009

Six Degrees of Degrassi

Lots of Degrassi news. New characters for Season 9. Alumni's are moving on (to Spring Awakening and the US networks new pilots). Plus I've seen this summer's special TV movie Degrassi Goes Hollywood and it's FUN! With some catchy songs! And it's a musical! (Well, sort of. It partially spoofs HSM)

First off, the news I'm most excited about (even though I know no one will have any clue what I'm talking about).

Landon Liboiron is joining the cast! Who? I didn't know who he was either, but he blew me away in a guest spot on an episode of Flashpoint, who along with a terrific Tyler Hynes, played brothers on the episode "He Knows His Brother" (Ep. 107) and along with his blue eyes, had a nice innocence combined with dramatic intensity that makes him an exciting actor to watch out for.

And now he's the new kid at Degrassi!

Landon Liboiron (or here on his youtube page or with his music) will be Declan Coyne, along with Annie Clark as his sister and Jessica Tyler will also be joining the cast. (via StephenStohn)

Next up, current cast member Nina Dobrev (Mia), will follow like Shenae Grimes (90210) and will start off the season at Degrassi and end off with vampires in The CW's new show The Vampire Diaries (what? Anna Lynne McCord isn't a vampire?). Okay, so the trailer looks a bit hokey but then so did Twilight and I actually ended up liking that a lot. Plus, The VD (hmm... that's NOT a great nickname though with the whole vampire blood thing, could actually be thematically relevant) has Lost's Ian Somerhalder!!! (Wait, isn't he supposed to return back to the island as the Losties do it all over again?) AND Steven R. McQueen from Everwood. I LOVE that kid! (And yes, grandson to Steve McQueen). Sadly it also stars Paul Wesley. Who was annoying in Everwood (in season 2, who singlehandedly almost ruined the amazing series), who was annoying in American Dreams, who was annoying in Cane... you get the point.

It'll be sad to see Nina go, but they've sort of run its course with Mamma Mia and Nina was always bound for huge things, including the upcoming Atom Egoyan film Chloe (with Liam Neeson). So now that's 2 shows on The CW headlined by a Degrassi alum. (And considering they only have about 10 shows, that's quite the coup!).

And while Laura Vandervoort wasn't exactly on Degrassi, she was on sister show Instant Star (from the same makers), Laura moved to The CW's Smallville (do I see a pattern here?), and has now landed herself on the upcoming ABC remake of cult classic V: The Series. And it looks pretty GOOD! And has favorites Scott Wolf (Party of Five), Elizabeth Mitchell (who will apparently also be Lost still, at least for a few episodes) and Morena Baccarin (Firefly).

And as fellow Instant Star alum Kyle Riabko leaves the tour of Spring Awakening (though his ABC pilot Limelight didn't seem to get picked up), a new Melchior has been cast to take over and it's none other than Degrassi fan favorite Craig! er... Jake Epstein! (Last seen in Toronto's Dog Sees God).

Plus, he returns for this summer's Degrassi Goes Hollywood!

Which I have now seen!

While I won't spoil too much of the plot, it technically continues straight after Season 8, but we focus back on the core Degrassi: TNG faves when some of the gang goes to LA in an attempt to land in Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes' new movie High School Mewesical (both who return to Degrassi world). Paige is supposedly living the lavish LA lifestyle, Marco and Ellie go visit, Craig reappears, Manny and Emma take a bus with Jay, Peter, and the Studz gang towards Hollywood and yes, there are SONGS! And they are GOOD! (Especially the finale, and Craig's song).

And yes, there's DANCING! Though don't worry, the awkward Degrassi dramatic innocence is still there, and as much flash and splash they can fit in, it still definitely feels very Degrassi (though leaning towards the funnier eps rather than a dramatic controversial one).

I'm still not sure exactly when it will air, as The N has only set an August date. CTV will probably air it around the same time.

Oh, and apparently Aubrey Graham (now under his rapper name... uh... something) is rumoured to be dating/only friends with Rihanna? WHAT the!?!

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Kent said...
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Kent said...

Do you know who is leaving Degrassi this season besides Nina?

Vance said...

No one else that I know of though things could change.

Keira Andrews said...

Do you know for sure that Jake's going to play Melchior?

I'll be interesting. I don't remember being blown away by his singing back in the day on Degrassi, but I'm assuming he wouldn't be cast if he couldn't do justice to the songs.

Vance said...

It's official! Unless he breaks his leg between now and then, it's a sure thing.

Yah, I can't really picture him as Melchior though, I think I would seen him more as Moritz or something.

Anonymous said...

How were you lucky enough to see the Degrassi Movie already??

Vance said...

The production was nice enough to give me a copy of the summer special!

Jr. said...

Aubrey Graham is known as Drake now
and has created one of the biggest buzzes in the rap world in a long time. He is unsigned, yet has one of the most played songs of the summer on the radio. >crazy<
"Wheelchair Jimmy" rap career was foreshadowed in the episode "It's Tricky" when he added a rap (remixed) verse to Ash's (Melissa Mcintyre) song "Tell Me LIES"

I remember wondering..."wow, did he write that rap verse?....because its actually a nice verse to be coming from a show like Degrassi"
Come to find out now, it was so good because he prob. wrote it.

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