Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Kris Allen Is My American Idolatry

OMG. Can I love Kris Allen even more? Apparently Yes. Totally. LOVE HIM. Marry ME. So Awesome!

Seriously, he comes off even more intelligent and thoughtful and sweeter about the whole ordeal and his artistic process than you could ever imagine anybody on American Idol.

(Plus, rock on Michael Slezak! Great job!)

Also, Adam Lambert had some pretty awesome interviews too on Idolatry.
Of course Allison was cute as a button and totally awesome.
Danny. Not so much. Where's Kristen Baldwin when you need her slap hand?

Top 36er's Ricky Braddy (who I loved from the start) and Jesse Langseth (who I didn't but have grown to LOVE) come off really well too on Idolatry.

You may have already seen this but SOOO cute together, especially after Adam makes his topping joke:

Wouldn't it be awesome if Adam and Kris made a duets album together? That will shut up both sides of the fanbases! Considering every duet they did together sounded awesome, why not?

Okay okay, I know the show is over. I'll move on. I know I'm still definitely going to post about Kris Allen again but at this point, I'll just remember him as is... sigh... (and our new AMERICAN IDOL!!!).

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