Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol - The Real Idol!

American Idol - Top 2 - Final Results - Finale

I actually had this post pre-prepared. It was going to be short. Plain. And announce Adam as the winner as I had predicted all along.

(to almost quote DivaJames) HOLY MUTHAF@CKA!!!! I WAS WRONG!!!

Granted, I don't even know if I like the result. Cause it means he'll have to sing that damn Kara song again (at least a few times though considering almost all of them have disappeared except "Time of Your Life" and Kelly Clarkson's, it might just disappear like most of the rest of the Idol songs. We can only hope. Meanwhile, can they release "Heartless" or "She Works Hard For The Money" as a legitimate single?).

Speaking of which. I had been feeling Kris Allen's underdog vibe all season long and equated it to Kelly's 1st season sneakup. Every week he was wowing me with another Kris interpretation and putting his stamp on everything he touched (without needing to yell at it) and it was totally reminding me of Kelly Clarkson's slow overtaking of frontrunner Justin Guarini.

And now KRIS ALLEN has done the SAME!!! And beat the front runner!!!


I'd comment on the ridiculously bloated 2 hour show but I've already wasted 2 hours of my night thank you very much Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas for your number 1 most irritating (but addictive, but irritating) song EVER (and considering you put out "My Humps", that's saying a LOT.

You can check my tweets for my running comments from the show.

In the meantime:



The tweens have WON! (And BTW, I take that statement about tweens controlling the Idol vote as offensive. Cause trust me. I'm NOT a tween (that was a LONG time ago honey!) and I LOVED Kris and I know many other older folks that do too. (Though does the fact that I'm enjoying The Wizards of Waverly Place explain anything?)


The nets are going to go CRAZY now and all the Glambert fans are going to go postal. My facebook account ALREADY has tons of death messages to me and Kris Allen.

Anyways, yah yah, they were both nice boys who seemed to really get along. It was really sweet to see. Plus their duet on the "I Will Remember You" was crazy hot!

As was Kris Allen's duet with Keith Urban! Only to be matched by Allison Iraheta with Cyndi Lauper! I could have listened to those two duets all night. Too bad they had to fill the rest of the show with junk. (Though I missed the start. I guess I could rewatch it since I taped it but why bother. KRIS WON KRIS WON KRIS WON!!! Oh, am I being to loud Adam fans? SUCKAS!!!!)

UPDATED AMENDMENT: And if you think I'm being one sided, I'd like to note that I had Adam Lambert as my pool pick (which I came in 3rd! Not enough to buy papa a new pair of shoes but definitely enough to go see a Broadway show with (albeit my way in the cheap seats)!). And I'm not saying Adam isn't amazingly talented and a great live performer. Hey, he would be perfect for the current Broadway Tony Best Musical nominee Rock of Ages where former American Idol loser Constantine Maroulis just got nominated for a Best Actor Tony Award!!! So it's not all a loss!

Okay, enough already. Cause:

So You Think You Can Dance STARTS TOMORROW!!!

Man, they really don't give us a breather do they?

I'm not sure I'm ready for my most favorite reality show just yet, especially since it's going to go on for the rest of the year.

But BRING IT! I'm ready for some more Nigel Lythgoe! And Cat Deely!

Now I'm going to go back to listening to Kris Allen and Glee all the time. (Click on Top 3 Results for a collection of Kris Allen performance videos).

There you have it! The best season EVER!!! AND!!! the pool I'm in? I'm pretty sure I came in third! (If it weren't for fricken Whitney Houston or Stevie Wonder, I might have come in first). And NO ONE in the pool picked Kris Allen. Whoa. (ARGH!!! I WAS SOOO CLOSE to picking him, though I chose Adam so points for me still!!!).

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Joseph Gomez said...

i tweeted/facebooked the whole damn thing. no need for tivo.

Vance said...

I know!! I was reading your tweets the whole time. Madness!!! It really WAS the whole show! but funnier of course!

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