Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Law & Order: SVU - When Boyfriends Do It

Closet - Ep. 916

It's been a while since I've watched Law & Order: SVU (or any of them for that matter, though I do want to see Jesse L. Martin's exit episode tonight on L&O) but like a cheap gay whore, I come running to any procedural episode that has a gay theme for that night (though you would think the networks would take more advantage of that, like say on the daytime soaps or any show for that matter? Has only ABC really learned that lesson?).

And like most "gay" episodes, it started off with cliches galore with ball gags, kinky sex (that TOTALLY describes my life... (I'm kiddin)) and the murder of a prominent gay business man who was secretly seeing a closeted famous guy. Bailey Chase is Lincoln Haver, a huge football star who is still closeted, until Benson accidentally outs him to his unbeknownst beard girlfriend and Haver's agent (played by the always slimy Rick Hoffman currently also in Samantha Who?) when Lincoln becomes the prime suspect in his boyfriend's murder. (Spoiler after the jump)

When word spills out about the big famous football players gay proclivities, Lincoln gets beaten up in the street and Benson is blamed by big boss Bart Bass Gary for outing Lincoln to the press source, Bill Pullman in a small cameo as Curt, who Benson reveals is her secret boyfriend. One Stabler didn't even know about.

A lot of secret boyfriends going around here tonight huh?

When did Bill Pullman start playing Benson's boyfriend? I love Bill Pullman! I need to watch While You Were Sleeping again.

So while secrets start spilling out, with some nice sweet twists like Lincoln had actually been married to his boyfriend up in Canada and was ready to go to the presses with it, he still gets convicted for the murder and due to his black outs (from sports injuries), he believes it.

But how I could miss it? Lincoln's creppy slimy agent is played by Rick Hoffman. How could I not guess he had to have SOMETHING to do with it? In the end, the agent was so disgusted by the gay pairing when he accidentally caught them kissing, and was so pissed off they would throw away a career and millions for the love of another man, that he ended up killing Lincoln's boyfriend.

So alas, the gay man is good, the mean agent is bad. All is well in cliche land again. We can all breathe a sign of relief!

I also totally forgot Adam Beach has joined the cast (though is apparently leaving after this season). I really need to start watching this again. I forgot how much I like watching Christopher Meloni's face Meloni and Hargitay work together. And tt's great that the Winnipeg boy Beach is getting some more work (with Ice-T no less)!

Oh damn, and next week Robin Williams plays another creepy psycho in a special guest starring role...I'm starting to get annoyed with him but he's tied up Benson or something. Don't tell me I'm hooked again? I've already got a huge backlog of shows to watch.

Meanwhile, here's more photos of Bailey Chase who also stars with Holly Hunter in Saving Grace (I told you, we gays are easy to get attention of... oh shiny!!!):

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