Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Colin Egglesfield and Other Reasons I'll Still Watch Melrose Place 2.0. At Least Once.

Look, the new Melrose Place looks pretty bad, but I'll watch it at least once just for Michael Rady (Kostas!, Greek!). (And if they can manage to pay Heather Locklear enough to come back as Amanda, then I will definitely be back again).

I'll dissect the rest of it more in my Fall TV Preview (if I ever get around to it, sorry, been busy working, enjoying summer and uploading the cutest pictures of my friends' kids on facebook) but really, what other point is there to watching a show that has Ashley Simpson (oh sorry. AshleE Simpson-WENTZ. Gag me)?

Okay. Maybe this:

Look, I'm WAY behind on my blogging and I don't have time for proper theatre reviews or even TV rants, so in the meantime, here's gratuitous photos of Colin Egglesfield. One of the many thespians on the Melrose reboot. Enjoy! (You're probably thanking me for not posting real "words" aren't you?)

Vance at http://tapeworthy.blogspot.com

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