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SYTYCD Canada and SYTYCD - Bollywood Bye Bye Bounce and the Best of the Best

So You Think You Can Dance Canada - Top 18 Results Night - The Cut from 18 to 16 - Ep. 209
Judges: Jean-Marc Généreux, Tré Armstrong, Luther Brown, Mary Murphy

Top 18 Group Dance
Style: Bollywood
Choreographed by: Longines Fernandes
Song: "JBJ" from Jhoom Barabar Jhoom - Shankar Mahadevan Sunidhi Chauhan & Zubeen

Can Bollywood ever NOT look like a blast of fun?

My Predictions from the Top 18 Performance:
Bottom Three Couples: Melanie B. and Austin, Corynne and Anthony, Jenna Lynn and Nicolas (though I'm probably wrong with this one but I'm just going by the fact that I think Jenna Lynn, while good, was probably the next weakest girl).
Should Go Home: Melanie B. and ... um... Emanuel only because I love all the other guys more? Despite Emanuel having a good night?
Going Home: Melanie B. and ... uh... Anthony?

The actual results were

Melanie B. and Austin, Corynne and Anthony, Jenna Lynn and Nicolas.

Whoa, I was right. I love how they attempt to create drama and scare Mel M and Cody and Jayme Rae and Daniel. RIGHT. Like they would EVER be in danger. (Oh, I hope I didn't just jinx that). I mean, I was fearful for Natalie and Danny because they seem like the couple this year that I will like but no one else does, but Mel M? Just the fact she gets the loudest screams on her intros might be a sign. (That or everyone in the studio is from Richmond Hill).

The "Dance for Your Lives" Solos

Anthony Grafton
Grade: B+

It was kind of a standard ballroom solo. There's only so much you can do, but I'll give him points for conviction and making it seem like the most passionate solo around.

Nicolas Bégin
Grade: A

It's a bunch of B-Boy tricks but Nicolas is such a showman, that the whole thing is just a blast. With wig prop and all! So fun! Did I mention the tricks were pretty awesome though? Not to diminish them or anything. Usually it's just that tricksters only know that, but Nic puts on a SHOW!

Austin Di Iulio
Grade: A

Just when you think its going to be another standard contemporary, Austin goes and tumbles, flips, throws a bit of humour and starts reminding me of an Italian version of Neil Haskell. Such a powerhouse yet with suaveness and flair.

Here's the video of the boys solos:

Corynne Barron
Grade: B-

It's a more playful ballet routine than what Melissa had been giving (which was more studied and showed her technical prowess), and I think it's to hide

Jenna Lynn Higgins
Grade: B-

Wow sassy. She needs no man and she needs dont need no lovin, but give the girl some love. But with all that attitude, did she actually do much dancing except for a couple of twilrs at the end? She seemed like she was catwoman strutting herself more than anything.

Melanie Buttarazzi
Grade: B-

She knows she's in trouble and brings it. I still don't think it was enough but I did actually enjoy her solo, which while lacking some perfect jumps she was trying for, really gave her gusto and I appreciate that. I still think she's a lovely dancer, but at this point, she's not going to make it to the Top 10.

Here's the video of the girls solos:

As everyone predicted, Melanie B. was let go, giving Corynne a week of reprieve and Jenna Lynn the humble slap in the face she kind of needs (I like her but I'm still getting the fake vibe from her). Mel B wasn't too happy, and started turning a little into scary spice, but she held her own in the end.

Alas, the judges said that it was the strongest guys solos they had seen on the show, and I can't really disagree. I thought Nicolas and Austin were gangbusters and even Anthony's was really good and usually would be the best of the night, but alas, I was right and they let Anthony go.

Now that leaves Austin with Corynne for the next round. I forgot who mentioned it but Austin is the Dmitry Chaplin for Canada isn't he? Great dancer. Bares his chest a lot, and is a partner killer. Should Corynne be scared? I say yes.

That also leaves Melanie Mah as the only Melanie now, so do we have to keep saying the whole name? Not that Mah is exactly hard to say, it almost rolls off the tongue after Melanie. But no more Mel B. references with a momentary lapse that Scary Spice is in the building.

Meanwhile, there's the So You Think You Can Dance special/clip package of the "BEST 15 Routines" in the first 5 seasons. picked my 25. Here's what Nigel chose:

S1 Destini and Jamile Hip-Hop - by Shane Sparks (Ying Yang Twins ft. Pitbull - "Shake")

S1 Nick and Melody Broadway - by Tyce DiOrio (Ute Lemper - "All That Jazz")
Oh that was hot. And Melody and Nick are CUTE. Why did I not discover this show back then?

S2 Benji and Heidi Mambo - by Alex Da Silva (Angel and the Mambokats - "Black Mambo")
I love Heidi and Benji but I always forget how AMAZING they are for some reason.

S2 Ivan and Allison Contemporary - by Tyce DiOrio - (Annie Lennox - "Why")
So cute! Back when Tyce actually did a few good routines.

S2 Travis and Heidi Contemporary - The Bench Dance - by Mia Michaels - (Celine Dion - "Calling You")
Two of my faves. Heidi, who is sort of the hidden gem, always there, yet always letting the boys get the spotlight, while Travis... OOOOOH TRAVIS!!!

S3 Jaimie and Hok Jazz - Hummingbird & Flower Dance - by Wade Robson ("The Chairman's Waltz" from Memoirs of a Geisha)

S3 Sabra and Neil Jazz - The Table Dance - by Mandy Moore - (Eurythmics - "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)")
I could watch this forever.

Lacey and Danny Samba - by Dmitry Chaplin, with Heidi Groskreutz assisting (Club Des Belugas - "Hip Hip Chin Chin")
Oh Lacey! Hey, did I notice before that this couple is brother/sister to S2 finalists Benji and Travis? Did I realize this before? I must have... (?). And that Lacey's cousin Heidi was helping choreograph?

S3 Lauren and Pasha Hip-Hop - by Shane Sparks (Pitbull - "Fuego")
Oh PASHA. Now I want to go see Burn the Floor on Broadway. Just cause you're in it right now! (With Anya AND now Artem!)

S4 Courtney and Mark Jazz - by Sonya Tayeh (Mirah - "The Garden")
Love these two. Still remember going "WTF was that? I LIKE IT"

S4 Katee and Joshua Contemporary - by Tyce DiOrio (Celine Dion - "All by Myself")
Honestly, these two worked so well together I could have pickted any of their dances. Though they were both so great that I forgot Katee actually didn't win, but was awarded a special prize as Top FEMALE dancer, m gyess because they coudlnt' not award her something.

S4 Chelsie and Mark Hip-Hop - by Tabitha and Napoleon D'Umo - (Leona Lewis - "Bleeding Love")
One of my faves. Won the top spot in Joe's tally of our votes, and I won't complain.

Janette and Brandon Disco - by Doriana Sanchez (Brainstorm - "Loving Is Really My Game")
Janette really was cut too early wasn't she? Totally fab! Also, the disco by Doriana was better than I remembered it to be.

Kayla and Kupono Contemporary - by Mia Michaels (Sara Bareilles - "Gravity")
I forgot how good this was. Damn, another one I should have considered on my list.

Jeanine and Jason Contemporary - by Travis Wall - (Jason Mraz - "If It Kills Me" (The Casa Nova Sessions))
Oh Travis baby! And JEANINE! Loved it. Didn't think it was the best of the season, which is why it just missed making my list, but still showed such promise with Travis, as if he wasn't an amazing dancer himself already.

Melissa and Ade Contemporary - The Cancer Dance - by Tyce DiOrio - (Maxwell - "This Woman's Work")
Groan. I still think it's a standard Contemp piece with a scarf.

Season 6 starts next WEDNESDAY Sept. 9th ALREADY at 8pm.

So now, at 7:30pm on CTV is SYTYCD Canada results show. Then SYTYCD at 8pm on FOX and A Channel (because god forbid CTV carrying SYTYCD through another hour would be TOO much, even though THEY decided to squeeze in the Canadian Season 2 in between, so instead they make tons of sense and move it to their sister station and place America's Next Top Model on the main station. WTF?).

Then GLEE at 9pm on FOX/Global!!! OMG Next week can't come soon enough!

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Rml said...

"Melissa and Ade Contemporary - The Cancer Dance - by Tyce DiOrio - (Maxwell - "This Woman's Work")
Groan. I still think it's a standard Contemp piece with a scarf."

THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one who thought that! It was beautiful and all - but no different from any other Contemp piece... there were carloads of other pieces much better than that only in season 5...

Rml said...

Btw: since I liked your blog a whole lot, I've put a link to it on my own. Hope you don't mind!

Vance said...

Oh no, thank YOU! Of course I don't mind! And keep the comments coming! So that I don't feel like I'm losing my soul for not totally buying the cancer dance! I'm glad I have company!

Rockstar Girl said...

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momo said...

Thanks so much for posting the clips.I have to rely on the kindness of Canadian strangers to see ths show, so I'm always late. Looking at Anthony's solo, I get the impression of someone who is a great dancer but who does't project enough power and energy through his center. Some subtle posture things, but they make his dancing look "nice" isntead of "wow"!

Melanie Mah is my fave of the women so far. She is ferocious!