Wednesday, September 09, 2009

SYTYCD Canada & SYTYCD - LA and Eh!

So You Think You Can Dance Canada - Top 16 Results Night - The Cut from 16 to 14 - Ep. 211
Judges: Jean-Marc Généreux, Tré Armstrong, Sean Cheesman, Melissa Williams

So You Think You Can Dance - Auditions - Los Angeles - Ep. 601 - Season Premiere
Judges: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Adam Shankman

And so the SYTYCD onslaught begins for us in Canada with back to back episodes first starting with the Results episode at 7:30pm (thank goodness for 30 min results shows) and then the 8pm premiere of Season 6 of the US version! (Thank goodness we've found out that the Top 20 US won't start until AFTER the Canada S2 finale! So we will NOT in fact get double doses of Performance episodes in the same week).

Top 16 Group Dance
Style: Afro-Brazilian
Choreographed by: Jean-Marc Généreux and France Mousseau
Song: "Magalenha" - Sérgio Mendes

It started out really great and tons of fun, but I think JM had to dumb down some of the middle parts for some of the dancers as it seemed a bit slow AND messy at one point, but then Austin got to do his jumps and flips and things sort of came back together. Not as good as last years JM Top 16 group dance, but still enjoyable.

Here's the video of the Top 16 Afro-Brazillian Group Performance:

My Predictions from the Top 16 Performances:
Bottom Three Couples: TJ and Everett, Jenna Lynn and Nicolas, Natalie and Danny
Should Go Home: Jenna Lynn and Everett (and I just realized those were who I picked in the fantasy pool but my picks here have nothing to do with my picks in the pool)

Love Everett but Everett and Nicolas seem similar to me but Nicolas surprisingly seems to take the choreo better, and most of the awkwardness around him is due to his height and not his efforts. On the other hand, Everett had Quickstep which is like the dance of death (sucks to be him).

Going Home: Natalie and Danny

I'll get to the results farther down at the bottom.

In the meantime, As we get closer to the SYTYCD Canada Top 10, the original So You Think You Can Dance starts up again with Season 6!

Here's some quick notes I jotted down while watching the Los Angeles auditions:

Cole Clemens - Placentia, CA
When you say you're a trend setter, you're not. Thanks for showing off your peacock hair. Now leave.

Mollee Gray - 18, CA
Has she auditioned before? She looks like Tara Jean on SYTYCDCanada. All these kewpie blondes are starting to look the same to me.

Ryan Kasprzak - 29, Astoria, NY
If you've been following my recaps, you already know I LOVE him. More than Evan and you know how much I love Evan. Thing is, I don't even think he should be on this show competing, I think, based on the stuff he's done for himself and Evan, be a choreographer on this show.
SPOILER ALERT (MAYBE, according to this) (roll over to read):
(Rumour has it he does NOT make the Top 20)

Bianca Revels - 20, Los Angeles, CA
I really liked Bianca and so wanted her into the Top 20 last season, and watching her "Trade" with Ryan was so fun and put a HUGE smile on my face.

Amber Williams - Yucaipa, CA
The girl whose mom ended up in a wheelchair. Pretty girl, and she had some lovely moments. I don't think she was strong enough to make it all the way through (her jumps sometimes seemed weak and uncontrolled), but then there were moments that were elegant and smooth (like her spin into the fall into rolling back up on her feet). If she could train again (since she stopped dancing to deal with her mom), she could go far with that sweet personality.

Alexis Agdeppa
Asian girl!

Paula Van Oppen
Oooh. she looks like a little bird in that yellow dress and fluffy short hair.

Christina Santana - 23, San Diego, CA
I actually liked the guy that she partnered with too. Though maybe he's too old? She was strong but Pepe was GREAT.

The other tap guy frenemies with Ryan

Next week: Boston Auditions

and back to the SYTYCD Canada Top 16 Results:

And the bottom 3 couples were:
Jenna Lynn and Nicolas, Amy and Vincent, and Melanie Mah and Cody.

WHAT? On the one hand, it's usually around here where there comes big shockers since the ones in danger spur their fans to vote like crazy. On the other hand, as much as I love Everett, the fact that he was safe meant a better team was going to be dancing for their lives.

Then again, while Vincent and Melanie are probably two of the strongest dancers in the competition, Amy is NOT my favorite and while I LOVE Cody, he was weak in his Mambo this week.

On the other hand, Natalie and Danny and Austin are safe! Dancers I feared would be in trouble this week, so that's good news! The bad news, it means Corynne's still safe for another week.

So, if they eliminated Amy AND Cody, who, relatively speaking in their sex groups, I think are the weakest dancers in the bottom 6, that would make a new team in Vincent and Melanie Mah! THAT would be such a power couple and one that could go head to head with Jayme Rae and Daniel!

The "Dance for Your Lives" Solos

Jenna Lynn Higgins
Song: "I Gotta Feeling" - Black Eyed Peas
Grade: B

Wow, what was THAT look at the end of the solo? ExCUUUUUSE ME Miss THANG. No wonder people think you have an attitude problem. And Girl, I was already on your side. That solo was better than last week and showed that you have skills. It needs to flow better, but you can definitely dance. Now just smile a bit more please.

Amy Gardner
Grade: C

Amy could be a good dancer. She has some time attempts at jumps and spins, but mainly, it's a lot of posing and vogueing and that solo showed me very little, except that she has really bad taste in clothes (or a bad costumer). Her jump barely made it over the rainbow, and that gold bustier made it look more like

Melanie Mah
Grade: A-

Mel seems to be quite polarizing (though actually, at this point, the only people I know who doesn't like her are all Asian women... hmm...) but I think she's almost like a female version of Travis Wall (and you know how much I LOVE ME SOME TRAVIS!). So considering there's no crush element here, that's impressive. She can find the musicality of the piece and turn her short minute into an exquisite piece, just like the best of them. (See Jeanine, Travis, Mark, Sabra, Nico etc.)

Here's the video of the girls solos:

Nicolas Bégin
Grade: A

Nicolas is such the entertainer and like I said last week, manages to sew together a bunch of AMAZING B-Boy tricks into a flowing musical dance piece that feels thought out AND on the fly. Not an easy thing to do. And those tricks were WICKED! And bonus points for that single handed hop that lasted the last musical count, the final countdown AND THEN SOME!

Vincent Desjardins
Grade: A

It's not easy to make ballroom look dynamic in a solo but Vincent, with his long arms and long feet, makes it all looks so sexy and smooth. His cheeky lovable personality adds character to the whole act and also turns what could be a series of latin ballroom moves, into a full out show that seems cohesive.

Cody Bonnell
Song: "Love Struck" - V Factory
Grade: B

Cody is so cute with his smooth Hip-Hop style and he's so into it. Did it wow me? Not quite, but it was good and showed why we love him so much (and why he's Ivan2.0).

Here's the video of the boys solos:

So based on the solos and everything, I would have eliminated Amy and Cody still, but the judges thought differently.

In the end, the judges still seem to love Amy even though she has yet to really show us what's so great about her, and obviously Melanie is safe, so Jenna Lynn Higgins knows she's a goner and is eliminated (and not happy about it but at least her goodbye speech is reasonably classy despite the seething anger she's not hiding very well).

And with three very good, and I thought, quite popular guys on the elimination line, Cody is sent back safely first (WHA!?) but alas, Vincent, who they describe as the most versatile dancer in the competition (agreed!), is safe, meaning Nicolas Bégin and his HUGE infectious smile is out.

It also means no new couples since another complete couple was cut. Too bad, Melanie and Vincent would have been awesome. Even Melanie and Nicolas would have been awesome. I think Jenna Lynn would have eaten Cody alive though (not like that was every going to happen since no WAY Mel would be leaving this early in the game).

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
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Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Jenna-Lynn fell in her solo, hence her mad face at the end.

Vance said...

She did? That would explain it. Though if she wasn't normally so sour looking with a chip on her shoulder, I might not have jumped to conclusions.

Julia said...

I'm kinda sad Jenna Lynn is out, I think I like her more than Amy, but Amy did surprise me this week so... But I'm really happy Nicholas is gone. He seemed like a really nice boy, but the smile, when he was dancing for me was really annoying. And what pisses me off even more is that he would get into character in some parts of the routines, but then go back to the smile! It did not work for me at all.

Rachel said...

I was absolutely certain that Amy and Cody were going home! Jeez. Based on the solos alone, they were clearly the weakest performers, and then add that to their choreography work...I don't know what the judges were thinking.

And I will miss Nicolas. :(

Anonymous said...

Yep, look at 6 seconds into her solo.

Keira Andrews said...

Thank goodness we've found out that the Top 20 US won't start until AFTER the Canada S2 finale!

That's a relief! I'm just skipping the US auditions until Vegas week so I don't get totally burned out. As much as I love dancing, I have other shows to watch, too!

Rml said...

Oh yeah, Jenna-Lynn def fell in that part... so glad she's going home! I like Amy much better than JL... and I won't miss Nicolas... but Vincent was great!

Btw, re: SYTYCD 6, I couldn't dislike that tap dancer Phillip any more! Hope he taps his way out of the competition really soon, and leaves the spot for Ryan and Bianca, who are both incredible! I'm such a fan of Ryan's!
The Mollee Gray girl was great too, and sooo cute! Yeah, she did remind me of Tara-Jean a little...
Paula Van Oppen tried out for season 5, I distinctly remmeber her there... but she got cut right before Top 20. U go girl!