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SYTYCD Canada & SYTYCD - Skintilating!

So You Think You Can Dance Canada - Top 14 Results Night - The Cut from 14 to 12 - Ep. 213
Judges: Jean-Marc Généreux, Tré Armstrong, Dan Karaty, Karen Kain

So You Think You Can Dance - Auditions - Phoenix - Ep. 602
Judges: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Mia Michaels

Top 14 Group Dance
Style: Sexy
Choreographed by: Blake McGrath
Song: "LoveGame" - Lady Gaga

Did they get a package rate to use Lady Gaga this week? Did the dancers get vaccinated?

This is definitely not a family show anymore. Blake went all out, purging every fantasy he's had that he's wanted to put into a Vegas show and spilled it out onto the Canadian stage, and IN FRONT OF KAREN KAIN! Except that I remembered that some recent dances at the National Ballet of Canada were pretty darn HAWT themselves. (Seriously people. GO. It's not just tutu's anymore!).

My Predictions The Top 14 Performances:
Bottom Three Couples: Natalie and Danny, Kim and Emanuel, Corynne and Austin Amy and Vincent
Should Go Home: Amy and Everett Emanuel Cody Danny MAN THIS IS HARD. They're all pretty good. Okay, I'll say Everett

Seriously, I still love Everett and technically I think Cody should have gone home last week, and I still have my reservations on Emanuel the person and I still wish Danny could show more personality, but Everett's been the weaker link in his pairing 2 weeks in a row now.

Going Home: Natalie and Danny

But before I get to the results, let's check out So You Think You Can Dance's auditions in the hot city of Pheonix (seriously, it's SOOO hot there and I was there in November). Here's a few of the dancers I thought were worth noting:

Sasha Mallory, 21, Bakersfield, CA
White chair with rose. Made it to Vegas before. Kinda pixieish black girl. I thought she was really really neat. I'm curious to see more.

Shown quickly: Katie Muth, Ellie Soto. Both seemed like nice dancers. Too bad we only get short glimpses.

Allison Becker, 21, Keller, TX
Had Spinal Meningitis and is deaf. Wait, doesn't this girl make it far? Didn't I hear something about this? (No pun intended). While she was so on the beat to the music, I do wonder if that is the music she danced to, since a commenter on my blog and I realized that the music played during the auditions is mixed in editing AFTER because the music played when this show airs in other countries is NOT ALWAYS THE SAME. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?

But back to Allison. Wow. So pretty! Nigel faulted her technique but I thought it was quite nice and it was no worse than lots of dancers who go on. Luckily, she does well in choreo and moves on to Vegas!

Willem de Vries - 29, WeHo,CA (above right)
Jacob Jason - 29, Weho, CA (above left)
Okay, here's the Same Sex Couple Nigel had hinted about. And it goes over a lot better than last seasons gay guys dancing together. The dancing also turned out a bit better without a fall so that was a plus. But of course the two gay guys come from West Hollywood. At least they didn't wear the flaming spandex and this time Nigel was smart enough to keep the talking to the minimum and moves them to choreography (with PASHA!). In choreo, both move on to Vegas!

Kelsey Somethingoranother - Keller, TX
Another dancer from Keller? Where is this place?

Jonathan "Legacy" Perez - 27, Studio City, CA
Crazy B-Boy. And he's quite hot. He kinda reminds me of Rick Campanelli. Canadians might know who that is. (Rick the Temp).

And, that's it for this week, next week, Boston (even though I thought that was supposed to be this week).

So... back to So You Think You Can Dance Canada Results... dun Dun DUN...

And the bottom 3 couples were:
Amy and Vincent, Jayme Rae and Daniel, and Natalie and Danny.
Well, I was right about two of them. Oddly enough, I didn't guess JR and Daniel even though they had the worst dance of the night. I thought their usual awesomeness would save them. Man, Canada isn't very forgiving are we?

I mean, there's not a lot to pick from since every couple basically has someone I love or who did great last night (Mel, Austin, TJ) so any way, it was going to be a bloodbath but VINCENT? AGAIN? Jayme RAE? AYA. Like 2 of my Top picks. Danny who is still one of my favorite guys because the worst by a terrible default. Let's see if the solo's can change that.

The "Dance for Your Lives" Solos

Amy Gardner
Grade: B+

She's probably one of my least favorite girls at this point, not because she can't dance well, but because I still don't really know what her personality is, and that she seems to be pulling Vincent down and holding him back. Their paired dance this week was better and she mostly kept up, but Amy always looks like she's trying too hard. That said, her solo was MUCH better than the last time.

Jayme Rae Dailey
Grade: B+

It started off well enough but by the end, I found it lacked something that I was hoping for. Maybe it's because I've had just built up expectations from Jayme Rae, one of my two favorite girls on this season. Hopefully she will follow the Jeanine trajectory (who she reminds me of) and her solo's will get better throughout the season and ultimately peak at the right time. Still love her but I think I wanted so much from her solo that it was merely good this time around.

Natalie Lyons
Grade B

I keep forgetting she's a krumper. It's neat seeing her krump and get all down and dirty, but I thought it should have been heavier and weighted. It was good but it should have been great.

Here's the video of the girls solos:

Vincent Desjardins
Grade: A

Why is he even here doing a solo? Oh yah. Amy right? OH PLEASE LET IT BE AMY and it's a calculated move by the Canadian population in our attempt to get her out. Cause Vincent has been nothing but awesome everytime. In his partnering. In his solos. He's versatile AND he makes his ballroom solo's entertaining and cheeky. Who else since Dmitry and Pasha can make it look sexy and WILD? Vincent? You just keep rockin' that leather jacket! (Or not, feel free to take it off anytime!)

Daniel Dory
Grade: B

Again, maybe because I had such high hopes and expectations for Daniel based on his usual pairs performances, I expected more here, but found myself kind of disappointed. It was good but I think I was ready to be wowed. Since he's one of my fave guys. I need MORE tho or am I just being too demanding? LOL DANCE DANIEL DANCE!

Danny Lawn
Grade A-

Danny falls probably just after Daniel in my faves list, but while he's been faulted for having the least personality, his technical dancing is strong and I thought his solo was beautifully done and hinted at the passion behind that body.

Here's the video of the guys solos:

After those solo's, I'm almost willing to let go of Daniel instead of Danny but it's a tough choice between three really great male dancers (but don't you even DARE touch my Vincent). And while Natalie is the weakest link at this point of the bottom 3, I'm willing to lose Amy who I thought should have left last week (if not earlier) as she's seemed to have too many opportunities to prove herself and she's only slowly done so. Then again, Natalie's solo wasn't as strong as it should have been and she's quite inconsistent, though impressive still for a Krumper, but that shouldn't really be an excuse, still, I feel Natalie still has room to grow and is, while Amy just holds Vincent back and that's JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE.

But what do I know? Alas, the judges choose just as I predicted and eliminate Natalie Lyons first. To no surprise. They love Amy don't they? (We know Jayme Rae HAS to be safe because seriously, someone needs to give Mel Mah a run for her money).

Sadly, Danny Lawn is cut next even though he's a stronger male than some of the other remaining guys.

Now with Natalie and Danny gone, who's going to be in the second half of the dances? Notice they were always in the later half? While Vincent and Amy and Mel and Cody are always in the first?

Things to think about until next week...

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Julia said...

Totally unrelated to the post because I haven't watched the show yet, but did you see the Nico's cameo on The Beautiful Life? Was kinda random but so cool! The only thing that made it less cool is that he was probably buying drugs, since he was talking to a dealer.

momo said...

That stiff white jacket really got in the way of seeing Daniel's movement. It's hard to see any of them go because I've become fond of all of them!