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SYTYCD Canada & SYTYCD - Triple A: nAwlins, Atlanta and Austin

So You Think You Can Dance Canada - Top 10 Results Night - The Cut from 10 to 8 - Ep. 217
Judges: Jean-Marc Généreux, Tré Armstrong, Luther Brown, Blake McGrath

So You Think You Can Dance - Auditions - Atlanta & New Orleans - Eps. 604-605
Judges in Atlanta: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Lil C
Judges in New Orleans: Mary Murphy, Adam Shankman, Lil C

Top 10 Group Dance
Style: Contemporary
Choreographed by: Stacey Tookey
Song: "Hometown Glory" - Adele

First of all, Adele is like another Imogen Heap. Anytime they do a dance to them, it looks amazing.

And of course that amazing contemporary group dance was by Stacey Tookey. I should have guessed! It was so beautifully constructed and wonderfully used the group factor to great affect, having dancers mostly in sync except for random individuals that would break from the pattern. For once I almost wanted to hit the cameraman and director for going for their fancy shots and would have preferred a still wide shot capturing it all.

My Predictions From The Top 10 Performances:
Bottom Four: Amy, Jayme Rae, Cody, Austin (It doesn't have to be a couple but I have this bad feeling for Jayme Rae and Austin)
Should Go Home: Amy and Cody
Going Home: Jayme Rae and Austin (Lord I hope I'm wrong)

But as always, before I get to the results, let's check out So You Think You Can Dance's auditions in Hotlanta and N'Awlins. Here's some dancers of note:

Billy Bell - 19, Loxahatchee, FL
So cute in his interview, and then the passion that came out of him from dancing took me aback. I didn't think he'd be that good.

Jamal Jackson - 19, Decatur, GA
Is he related to Amber, the one that sort of just stared off into space and died off and was called for it? Okay, I know just cause he's black, a Jackson and from the same town, he doesn't have to be. Luckily he was far better than the other Jackson from Decatur.

Victor Smalley - 20, Miami, FL
Okay, I'm over the mini-hawk thing, but if we can ignore the hair, he seemed kinda hot and his dancing was just as smoldering.

Anthony & Antwain Hart - 22, Linden, NC
Okay, I'm sick of all Black Eyed Peas songs, despite these cool videos, but that was still fun to watch these twin dance in sync in the same outfits. Antwain doesn't make it through choreo but twin brother Anthony does.

Jessica Jensen - 25, Pensacola, FL
The girl that had to cut off her hand or else face death. These dancers that have to face addition adversity are tailored made for sob stories and while I highly doubt Nigel will ever put one of these dancers into the Top 20, it makes for great heart tugging TV, and if the stories weren't so uplifting, I'd probably groan. Still, when Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" started playing, I will say that I give a lot of respect to Jessica for dancing really well and getting through to choreography.

Thomas Hamilton - 20, Scottsdale, GA
He doesn't remind me so much of Brandon but actually more of Ryan Rankine from Season 2 (who was good but too quiet and probably lost out because he got overshadowed in personality by the others). Another sad story but Nigel also notes that he needs to connect to the audience more.

And that's it for Hotlanta. Onto Nawlin's!

Shelby "Skip" something
The New Orleans Bounce. Um, the judges loved it. I didn't see anything special at ALL. I thought it was just a lot of leg shaking.

Jonathan Litzler - 18, Loveland, OH
OMG So cute. And is combo contemporary/acrobatics and he does it by mixing the two with fluidity and charm. Loved it and loved him. AND he's soooooooooooooo cute.

Another bunch of pretty good dancers in a quick montage whose names I missed (Allison, a Jr. and someone that looked like Smash Williams)

Justin Kenney - 23, New Orleans, LA
The judges loved the b-boy and I thought he did a good job but not great enough to warrant the gushing from the judges. On the other hand, they only sent him to choreography so maybe it was just words.

Kimalee Piedad - Fort Walton Beach, FL
Did the super cool lift and did she come from the figure skating world? Unfortunately, I can't enjoy this ep. much due to the results from SYTYCDCanada (see below).

Jakob Karr - 18, Orlando, FL
Lift that leg boy! And keep it there! Now come into my bedroom and do that!
Oh man, Jonathan Litzler is going to have competition. This guy seems to have a more ballet skilled training.

Diana Drezler - 29 Lexington, KY
She cried in her pre-interview and then danced to a song with lyrics "take my pain away". I'd groan if I wasn't already happy from seeing Jakob Karr just previously (who boosted my spirits after the bummer Canadian results. Again. see below). She cries again while being judged. Oh, her grandpa just passed away the day before. Okay. That is sad. FIIINE. I'll let it go. Admittedly she was a pretty good dancer.

And that's it for N'Awlins, next week, SL,UT.

So... back to So You Think You Can Dance Canada Results. Man, this is gonna hurt isn't it?

And the bottom 4 dancers were:
Melanie and Amy were the bottom 2 girls.
Cody and Austin were the bottom 2 guys.

I got it all right except Melanie. i picked the other early girl front runner Jayme Rae but I had a feeling Kim and TJ would be safe.

And while Mel and Austin are anything but the worst 2 dancers, the fact that they (and Cody) are from Toronto, starts giving a little credence to the regional voting blocks (only Everett could also be considering from the Toronto region from the remaining dancers).

The bottom 4 redo their solos. Austin's is completely different and totally awesome.

In the end, Canada voted for (or in actuality, didn't vote for) Amy Gardner to continue on.

And alas, Canada votes out another A+ dancer, Austin Di Iulio. GASP.


Not to disrespect Cody because I do like him but SERIOUSLY? Over AUSTIN? Probably my second favorite dancer and Vincent's only main competition for my devoted love? WHAT THE FRICK CANADA.

It was also noted in another conspiracy theory that since the SYTYCD S5 Tour was in Toronto on the same night as Top 10 voting for the Canadians, that Toronto fans were probably at the tour watching it instead of home voting, thus counting out any local fans. Granted, there's also a lot of Toronto apathy (we watch but probably feel too cool to vote, or just to busy to vote (I'll admit, I was out at a movie premiere so didn't get a chance to vote either)) so between the combo, it could have affected Mel, Cody and Austin's hometown votes.

ARGH. I can't believe Austin is gone. And just after he got a nice spiffy haircut and looking SHARP! ACK! SOOOOOO MAD.

So there you go Canada, the Top 8. Without Austin, who I was hoping to be with Vincent as the final 2 males.

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mathyoo2003 said...

I found it suspicious how they gave Austin the most lame choreography of the night from the most boring of the hiphop choreographers, Shotime. It was just glaringly obvious that they didn't want him to dance choreography at the same level as the other 4 routines. Why couldn't Luther or Jaeblaze have done something for him and Jamie Ray like they did for the other couples? It seems like the fix is in for Emanuel to win this thing, sadly.