Thursday, September 24, 2009

SYTYCD Canada & SYTYCD - Brown and Boston

So You Think You Can Dance Canada - Top 12 Results Night - The Cut from 12 to 10 - Ep. 215
Judges: Jean-Marc Généreux, Tré Armstrong, Rex Harrington, Mia Michaels

So You Think You Can Dance - Auditions - Boston - Ep. 603
Judges: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Tyce DiOrio

Top 12 Group Dance
Style: Hip-Hop
Choreographed by: Luther Brown
Song: "The Jump Off" - Lil' Kim feat. Mr. Cheeks

That was kind of fun and enjoyable. Nothing amazing but entertaining at least. Although the whole thing was kind of a showcase for Kim wasn't it? More pictures at the bottom of the post.

Here's the video of the Top 12 Group Hip-Hop:

My Predictions from the Top 12 Performances:
Bottom Three Couples: Corynne and Austin, Melanie and Cody, Amy and Vincent
Should Go Home: Amy and Cody
Going Home: Corynne and Cody

But as always, before I get to the results, let's check out So You Think You Can Dance's auditions in Boston. Here's some dancers of note:

Teddy Tedholm - 18, Rockaway, NJ
As my friend said, it's Ugly Travis! Poor kid. He's kinda adorable and just needs to grow out of his acne, but while I liked his personality, I didn't think he was all that. Apparently I'm the only one since my friends loved him and so did the judges. I didn't think he had the technique to back up his whimsical performance so I'm a little shocked he got a ticket straight to Vegas.

Jean Loret - 22, Brockton, MA
I loved how the judges looked so unimpressed at first and then blew over as soon as he did that first leg/body spin/whateverthehellitwas. How strong are his arms anyways? Sick!

Channing Cooke - 18, Haverhill, MA
The ice cream scooper that they profiled. Um, obviously she will get through. Isn't it obvious how they edit these things nowadays? She's blond and pretty. So she's in for sure. If she were weird and loopy, then we would know it would be a bad audition coming. I still felt like she had technique down but not that connection to the audience but man, those thighs. So muscly.

Ryan Casey - 18, Lexington, MA
The 6'8" tapper. I liked the guy but I thought it was okay, but as Tyce noted and Ryan admitted, he doesn't know what to do with his arms and he has a lot of body to deal with. Nice kid (he's EIGHTEEN?) but he doesn't make it through after choreo.

Russell Ferguson - 19, Roxbury, MA
Great Krumper who did a pretty great job in choreo too. Russell apparently taps too, and Nigel jokes that if he combines Tap and Krump, it's Krap! Ha. What a bad joke that I laughed at.

Fabrizio "Breeze" Jenkins - 26, Roxbury, MA
I guess I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover cause from the pre-interview, I thought this was going to be a disaster, but the large dude could really move! And even after he fell, I was impressed that he just kept going. Loved his attitude.

Karen & Matthew Hauer - 27, Fort Lee, NJ
What a sexy married couple! Man, imagine the babies they would have! HA, I think about the only thing surprising about this couple was that the judges didn't ask them what would happen if the other didn't make it.

Gene Bersten - 21, Minnetonka, MN
Okay, what a cheesy dude. But he can DANCE. Thankfully, the judges call him on his overdramatic eyebrows. But alas, Rick Suave here was actually pretty great with his dance moves.

Kevin "K'Bez" Hunte - 23, Brooklyn, NY
Pretty good Hip-Hopper who auditioned a few years ago and has been taking other dance styles since, but Tyce yells at him for not showing it in the initial audition. Okay, I don't know if I agree or not, but the way Tyce yells at poor Kevin just shows how annoying Tyce has become. Ugh. Emmy winner my ass.

And that's it for Boston.

So... back to So You Think You Can Dance Canada Results... dun Dun DUN...

And the bottom 3 couples were:Melanie Mah and Cody, Corynne and Austin, Jayme Rae and Daniel

The "Dance for Your Lives" Solos

Melanie Mah
Grade: B+

I like that Melanie throws in a quirky side to this solo although is it me or are her jumps and tricks not as amazing as last time? And I'm starting to hate when they do that little silly dance in that last countdown moment (then again, I still hate that last countdown "So you think you can dance" music moment so it's not like the dancers are given much to work with there).

Corynne Barron
Grade: A-

Now why couldn't she have shown us that in the last 4 weeks? That was the best solo she's done, and the one of the rare times she looks so emotionally invested and her technique and passion finally seemed to match up, which was exactly what was usually lacking in her pairs (or even some previous solos).

Jayme Rae Dailey
Grade: B+

I'd hate to compare Jayme Rae cause I don't want to take anything away from her but JR is really reminded me of Jeanine still, especially the trajectory of her solos which seem to be taking the same rate of improvement towards the finals. It's not perfect yet but JR shows her stuff, and the solos seem to be better than the last.

Here's the video of the girls solos:

Cody Bonnell
Grade: A-

It was a great solo that showed Cody's strengths and I won't lie, that quick lift of his shirt to reveal the six pack made me feel a little dirty/happy. He really gets his groove on and while at first glance, his slow smooth Hip-Hop looks simple, it's probably more complex than it looks.

Austin Di Iulio
Grade: A

I've loved Austin before and have been championing him for a while now, despite the fact that he keeps landing in the bottom 3 and seems to be a partner killer, but after that solo? I LOVE AUSTIN. No. I loved him before. Now I LOVE HIM. Vincent better watch his back! (It's okay, I'll comfort him too with a hug... he).

Daniel Dory
Grade: A-

Far better than his last solo, I thought this one was a lot of fun and showed some real musicality and fresh funkiness, which has seemed to be lacking from his recent performances (which is probably why he's in the bottom 3 despite being an early front runner).

Here's a video of the guys solos:

At this point, they can't get rid of the two strongest girls Jayme Rae and Melanie but Corynne for once had the strongest solo's. Cody at this point is the weakest of all the guys and really should go.

The judges however eliminate Corynne Barron to no surprise.

But then eliminate Daniel Dory instead of Cody which sort of shocks me since Daniel is clearly the better dancer, but Cody supposedly has the bigger fanbase. As good as Daniel was, he didn't define his personality and star quality as much as Cody has (with lots of help from the audition episodes). Alas, I'm sure the producers preferred Cody in the Top 10 despite being the weakest male.

So there we have it, no black people left and we have our Canadian Top 10.

Some greats left, and a few others that slipped by (I don't hate them, I just thought a couple of eliminated people were better).

It should be interesting to see what happens with the results now that we vote for individual dancers and not pairs. Does Amy really have a fanbase?

Here's more pictures of the Top 12 Group Dance:

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Jennifer said...

Just wanted to say thanks for linking to the videos! So jealous that you get both the US and Canada shows up there!

Ugh couldn't stand Tyce in the audition episode either. And now he's "Emmy-winning Tyce Diorio" so we can't get rid of him!

Is it me or are the US judges and choreographers much nicer when they go up to Canada? I actually liked Mia this past episode!

Unknown said...

I wanted Cody to go home too - he can't really do much outside of hip hop. Daniel is such eye candy, and SO good but like you said, he didn't define his star quality. :(