Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moments with Jude Law

Jude Law reads the poetry of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face". A brilliant performance if I do say so myself. He can do more than just Shakespeare! Who knew?

Did I mention I bonded with him this past weekend? We totally had a moment. Okay, it was like a 20 seconds moment and were surrounded by tons of his fans at the stage door of the Broadhurst Theatre where Hamlet is playing, but it was a moment. (Kinky right?)

(Since I had friends going to the performance Saturday night, I decided to join them after my show and meet them at the stage door and try to get my London Donmar Warehouse Program signed since I didn't get a chance to stage door Hamlet when I went to see it in London. Luckily I got a great spot right up front, got a clear view (he is NIIIIIICE) and he made a double take when he realized he signed my London Program and then returned to ask me about it, when I went to London, what I thought and so on. We totally had a moment! (Okay, not quite the bonding I was hoping for but I'll take it).

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Esther said...

Wow, that is so cool! How great that he asked when you saw it in London. You and Mr. Law definitely shared a moment!

When I saw Curtains, I told David Hyde Pierce that it was my first time seeing a musical on Broadway and the night before, I'd seen my first Broadway play. He asked me what I saw, how I liked it.

It's so terrific when the actors take a moment to be gracious and make a personal connection. That's part of what makes going to the theatre unique!

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