Thursday, January 25, 2007

Grey's Anatomy - Move those Muffins

Great Expectations

Um, is there wedding fever or something in the water right now? First Friday Night Lights pops a surprising marriage proposal last night. Then The OC has Bullet pop back in to propose to Julie Cooper, now TWO proposals from George to Callie and Burke to Christina? (Again, is it me or was it somehow funny that the camera cut back and forth between T.R. Knight as George and Isaiah Washington as Burke as they proposed to their respective girlfriends? Is the real life drama over yet and should/can we move on?).

So at times I find the writers are getting lazy (Heather's spine needing surgery but gets no insurance money, Bailey all of a sudden wanting to open up a free clinic? Where did that come from? Oh, how convenient. Things Izzie can spend her $8million on.) because I find the show has fallen into a nice coasting state resting on its laurels yet nothing is really actually happening. Little things are happening but nothing hugely memorable and reminds me more and more of ER in its mid/later states.

Christina and Burke are still not speaking to each other, the Chief is still mulling retirement letting people scramble to replace him (only this time, in addition to Burke and Sheppard, we get Sloan and Addison as well). Addison moves on to the next hottie around Karev (who wisely for now is avoiding dealing with the awkward kiss and trying to keep it professional).

George has become a sex machine as a denial method to dealing with his fathers death while Callie runs far far away after too much sex, leaving Izzie to stay on George-watch. Adele has moved on from Richard. Sheppard is pissed that Sloan was about to leave and Meredith inadvertently got him to stay based on the position of Chief of Surgery opening.

Still, TWO Marriage proposals? So thats the big storyline that was about to happen to Burke during February sweeps, since it sounded from Shonda Rhimes that Isaiah was not going to be fired after all.


Liz said...

I couldn't tell if Alex was being surprisingly mature with the Addison situation, or just playing hard to get!

vance said...

Oh, I thought he was trying to play it mature just from the way he's grown this season. Or at least fighting the attraction cause dating your boss can't always be a good thing (plus, Christina's already doing it).

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