Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Glee of Kris Allen

Glee is FINALLY "Previewing" TONIGHT on FOX after Idol at 9pm (well, probably like 9:04pm because you know Ryan can't actually control anything except his hair. Seriously, I've only seen the trailer (which I'm posting AGAIN) and I think it's already going to be my new obsession show (taking over the spot previously occupied by Pushing Daisies). Even their upfront presentation (of the cast singing Queen's Somebody To Love) is awesome (video at the bottom of the post)!!! Linz has seen it and LOVED it! And reviews are great!

Speaking of American Idol's finals tonight, you know what? I'm okay for Adam to win. It's what America needs. It's what the producers are doing anything in their little corporate hearts are wanting. It will be nice to finally have a gay Idol win the American version (since, you know, a few of the other world editions are already two steps ahead, much like everything else gay related).

But seriously, after hearing the studio versions of Kris Allen's "Heartless", "She's Working Hard For The Money" and "To Make You Feel My Love" (youtube's below or download them on iTunes), I'm ... ...

Well, I was a BIG BIG BIG fan before already (Warning: Lost finale spoilers in the link too).

but NOW he's becoming my new obsession and I want to have his babies. And I want to roll him up and keep him locked up in my basement obsessive. Or something crazy obsessive like that.

I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF KRIS ALLEN NOW. It's seriously been on constant repeat. Everytime I hear the songs start up again (which is about every 4 minutes on constant repeat rotation), I squeal with glee and make a little boogie action with my arms (my co-workers are probably wondering if I have a condition or ants in my pants or something by now).

So, I think the Kris fan base is getting bigger and it's going to be a lot closer than we would have ever thought (well, not me, I've thought he could do well the whole time so I'm surprised that everyone's "Shocked" that he's in the finals, and yes, I'm pointing my nose up while I type this), but I almost want Kris to lose tomorrow so that he can remain his low-keyed underdog self. Still, on the other hand, it would be great to see him win and see the shock in all of Glambert fans' eyes. So vote 02, 04, 06 tonight! (I'm guessing those numbers based on the fact that Kris won the coin toss and chose to go second).

Michael and Kristen's Idolatry continues on the Kris love (in the 2nd part from this week's episode) and it's awesome as usual.

Speaking of awesome, here's the studio versions of some of Kris Allen's songs. It's all I've been listening to since Thursday.

Seriously, I don't think I've ever really realized what the song "She Works Hard For the Money" actually MEANT until now. Not only does Kris Allen make it more contemporary sounding, he puts the meaning back into the song (no offense to Donna Summer, but before this, I thought it was just a disco ditty).

Here's the Glee cast singing "Somebody To Love" at the FOX upfronts yesterday.

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Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...


Between you, me and your audience, I'm with you on Kris Allen. His performance of the tune from "Once" still gives me the goosebumps just thinking about it.

I truly appreciate Adam Lambert, but there's no reason Kris should be so underrated. His will be my very first Idol CD I ever plunk money down for.

Steve On Broadway (SOB)

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