Wednesday, February 15, 2006

American Idol - 14 Feb 2006

Before I get to The Misadventures of Terrell and Derrell, let me just say, that no one on this show, or any other Idol that I have seen, has come close to the shining flame of my beloved Ms. Kelly Clarkson, the 1st American Idol. Now that Ms. Clarkson is a Grammy winner (not that THAT’S really any indication of success or anything, it’s not like the Oscars!?!) and you know you sing along to her songs secretly in the car, we can all admit that other than the debacle of To Justin From Kelly (which somehow she came out unscathed, showing her glorious almighty power), Ms. Kelly Clarkson will always be the ultimate American Idol. Fantasia my ass.

So back to Terrell and Derrell, because if we don't, you know they will chase after us with their waving finger to make sure the camera is back on them. Terrell and Derrell. Oh, Terrell and Derrell, is there really any stronger case for pro-abortion then those two nitwits? I think when Alexis Carrington and Omorossa made their love child, they should have either slapped them harder or at least given them over to more sensible parents to bring them up, because, at this point, is there currently a more heinous attitude emanating on TV (VP of the USA not withstanding)?

At this point, any “contestant” showing any ounce of Divadome should be bounced, as I’m sure poor Nick and Marcia would agree after being stuck with the chick that hit her ass while she sang a lyric alluding to that body part. SERIOUSLY? Idol? Maybe Pole Idol.

Sadly, I actually laughed at the feeble attempt the producers did to add another Brokeback Mountain parody onto the roster. Even sadder was the fact that the three cowboys actually looked like they were going to re-enact Brokeback Mountain after their failed audition, but alas, this is Fox and while they fool us by showing The Simpsons and lots of pseudoporn (North Shore, Married with Children), they still are FOX, association: Bill O’Reilly, and they cut away from the cowboy cry-fest/love-in.

In the end, they kept the Divatwins (I’m guessing for future drama sake, and not for their singing, I hope) and bounced I’m-too-good-for-TWO-groups-but-I’ll-suck-it-up-to-one-of-them-so-I-can-perform-girl thank goodness.

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