Thursday, February 16, 2006

[Bones] Death Squad

Bones and Booth show up at a crime scene in the middle of 'Little El Salvador." She asks Booth why the FBI was called into a seemingly local matter, and as he explains he stops short and asks if she really wants to know. She says no, but she's reading a book on how to connect with co-workers and thought she'd try it out. This is why I love this show! I love how Bones and Zack are soooooo socially inept without seeming like total losers. They are odd, but have begun trying to fit in, and their attempts are so endearing! OH! I just realized she did not say "I don't know what that means" during this episode. Too bad, cuz that's my favourite catch-phrase!

Anyway, back to the show....The cops have pulled over a gangbanger named Jose. They've called in Bones b/c he's got a decomposed corpse in the trunk. All of a sudden they are the targets in a drive-by shooting. Jose takes off with Booth hot on his heels, but manages to get away by the hair of a shoe. Booth brings in the opposing gang's leader who points out that if Jose were the target why'd he get away safe? DUH! It was the MM gang (my espanol ees no'so guud) causing a distraction so Jose could get away. Even we got that Booth, c'mon!

The body's back at the super super high-tech lab at the fictional Jeffersonian Institution. There lies the skeleton of a young woman who has been dead for 6 months, malnutritioned, pregnant and killed by head trauma. Nothing we haven't seen a million times before. Hodgins finds some unusual plant/soil specimens on the dead woman so Booth takes him and Bones to find the gravesite. "Fieldwork. Cool. Do I get a gun?" "What is it with you people and guns, huh?" They find a little garden back in the 'hood and note that there were two plots but the 2nd body is missing. Soil samples show traces of a rare flower that are only found in 2 places in D.C. 1) the White House Botanical Gardens (Bones and Hodgins high 5 eachother. "You people should do that less than normal people") and some important Senator's house. Booth opts to bug the Senator first.

Basically, at this point it all unfolds. They find the 2nd body which they determine is the father of the young woman because their bones show they share the same hereditary disease and he died of natural causes, and that Jose is her brother (again the disease). Jose had to take care of his lil' sis so he joined a gang and got them jobs within the Senator's household. Sister had an affair with Senator's son and was pregnant with his child. Hector (the head of household staff) warns Sister to stay away for Senator Jr. and in doing so, pulls her off the ladder she was using to clean and she hits her head on the top of a bedpost. Jose, afraid of being deported because he is an illegal alien, had buried both his father and sister in an unmarked grave, but finds out the land is slated for construction, so is in the process of moving them to the Senator's property when he was stopped by police. But it was all for nothing b/c he's being deported anyway. All very sad.

Here's the best part! While looking for Jose, they bring in the leader of the MM gang and he verbally violates Bones and she walks out of the interrogation room which I found disappointing because she's such a strong character I didn't think she'd fall prey to that kind of intimidation. Gang leader meets her in the hallway and puts his hand on her arm. WRONG MOVE MISTER! She totally beats him up in the hallway. (I love when she does that too!) Then explains to a concerned Angela that she doesn't put up with that kinda crap b/c she was metally and somewhat physically tortured by the death squad while working in El Salvador. The smack-down, this puts her on MM's hit list, so Booth tracks down the leader, shoves him up against a wall, puts a gun in his mouth and warns him to stay away from Bones or Booth will retaliate. He tells him this has nothing to do with the FBI, "She's my partner," (highbrow swoons) this is just between you and me. Booth arrives late for the funeral that Bones pays for out-of-pocket, and she asks him if what made him late was more important than a funeral. He answers, "Yeah, I thought so at the time." Heeeeey! Don't you already have a girlfriend??

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