Monday, February 27, 2006

New Eps for this Week

Corner Gas – CTV 8pm
Degrassi TNG – CTV 8:30pm
How I Met Your Mother – CBS 8:30pm
24 – Fox/Global 9pm

Supernatural – City 8pm, The WB 9pm
American Idol – Fox/CTV 8pm (1.5hrs)
Scrubs – NBC 9pm
The Amazing Race 9 - Season Premiere – CBS 9pm, CTV 9:30pm (2hrs)
Boston Legal – ABC/CH 10pm
MURDERBALL - A&E 10pm (repeats at 2am)
Gilmore Girls - Global 10pm/The WB 8pm

Lost – CTV 7pm, ABC 9pm
American Idol – Fox/CTV 8pm (1.5hrs)
My Name is Earl – Global 8pm
The Office – Global 8:30pm
Freddie – ABC/SunTV 8:30pm
Free Ride - Series Premiere- Fox 9:30pm

Survivor: Exile Island – CBS/Global 8pm
American Idol Results – Fox/CTV 8pm
My Name is Earl – NBC 9pm
The Office – NBC 9:30pm
Without a Trace – CBS/Global 10pm
ER – NBC/CTV 10pm
Everybody Hates Chris – City 10pm, UPN ?

Ghost Whisperer – CBS 8pm
Numb3rs – CBS 9pm
Conviction - Series Premiere – NBC 10pm

The Academy Awards

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Anonymous said...

Gee "Vance"...screw the TV Guide, I'm just gonna consult your blog.