Monday, February 27, 2006

[Grey’s Anatomy] Damn You Earl Hickey!

First off, something about Georgie’s voice that makes it unsuitable for a voiceover. When Meredith does the voiceover, you know it’s the narration. There’s something in the way she reads it which instantly informs us that we are not listening to casual dialogue. But when Georgie narrated, I was occasionally confused, wondering who he was talking to and why he was offscreen. Maybe it was just me, maybe they’ve just programmed me to listen for Meredith’s voice, but whatever the case I think they need to go back to a single narrator. Yeah, I get it. It’s Georgie’s show. Georgie’s the one that gets bit in the ass by Karma (this week’s theme), but I still di’int like it.

So we know they did the deed. And we know they both regret it. And as alarms go off we also get that they would like nothing more than to avoid each other. But we can’t let that happen, so they come face to face in the hallway and as the awkward moment lingers Alex comes rushing out of Izzy’s room pulling on his pants – like her husband’s come home early or some other bizarre reason for not putting on his pants in her bedroom and coming out at a normal 7:00AM pace – with Izzy leisurely leaning against her door jam with a smile that would put the Cheshire Cat to shame. Elsewhere, in the middle of the Washington woods, sits a lonely trailer with even lonelier occupants. Doc (the dog) needs to be walked and it’s Derek’s turn but he’d rather sleep so Addison offers, that is unless he’d rather talk about what happened with Mark yesterday. She can’t stand his silence anymore and if he doesn’t want to talk then at least yell at her. Arrgh! I’m a woman and even I’d find that utterly annoying first thing in the morning! Obviously Derek agrees, “It’s too early in the morning to interpret girl flip out into normal conversation.” Heh. So torn between forcing him to continue a conversation he doesn’t want to have (he’s now covered his head with his pillow) and a dog about to piddle, Addison reluctantly attends to the latter.

At work in the locker room things are still painfully awkward between Mere and Georgie, so the other three try and figure out what’s going on. Alex immediately jumps to the conclusion that Meredith has slept with someone: Mark or “Did I just call that dude McDreamy?” LOL! The women roll their eyes, but they don’t know just how close he is to the truth. But they are at a hospital for a reason other than sleeping with one another, so they go do rounds. Patient #1 is a man with a heart aneurysm which may blow at any moment including on the operating table. His new perky (not in a good way) fiancée (Amy Cusack) can’t seem to digest this information. You know this is not going to go well. Patient #2 is a young boy with a nervous nelly of a father who seems to be the only one freaking out by the fact that this child has a bleeding blood vessel in his brain. The boy and his other father take it in stride, but I wonder if they are underreacting and “nelly” is experiencing the appropriate reaction to the news. After rounds, Georgie asks Cristina if Meredith has told her anything, she says no and if he’s not either to get out of her way. He blocks her path with his arm and says, “I’m just saying,” and Cristina is like, WTF?! I know you didn’t need that little detail but I found his hard block really funny. Oh, and Addison tracks down Bailey, who is on mat leave and just at the hospital to pick up her husband, to consult on a private matter. Addy’s got poison oak “Down There” which she picked up peeing in the great outdoors while walking her husband’s DM’s dog. Karma.

While confirming that the mass around #1’s heart is indeed an aneurysm, Georgie looks like he wants to talk to Cristina and she tells him to quit it. Burke tells her to behave. I like that he’s starting to become interested in the personal lives of his interns because he’s trying to be friendly with her friends. She’s like, he’s annoying me while I’m trying to work so I don’t have to be nice. After they tell the couple about his condition, George starts going off on how it’s not fair and how they seem like such nice people and how they don’t deserve this and how Karma’s gonna bite you in the ass everytime. “Good God, O’Malley, what did Grey do to you?” I’m starting to really LUFF Burke! Meredith and Alex are taking the kid to get an MRI and he starts hounding her about what she did to Georgie. She wants to know what makes him think she did anything. “Because Bambi looks pissed, and you look guilty.” Bambi! A HAHAHA!

Patient #3 arrives while Alex is trying to sneak in a snog with Izzy. It’s Denny, the charming fellow who waiting for a heart transplant and stole Izzy’s heart the last time he was there. Izzy takes off with the gurney and stays by his side for the rest of the episode. We knew it would not last Alex, you’re living in a dream world if you thought things could go back to the way they were before you had to prove your manliness by sleeping with another woman. Karma! Alex is necessarily jealous of Izzy’s apparent concern for Denny, so when they need to zap him with electricity to slow his heart rate, Alex asks Burke, “Mind if I handle the paddles?” ZAP! And then once more for good measure, ZAP! But even through that crazy amount of pain, Denny manages to be as charming as ever. C’mon Alex, give him one more! I know you wanna….Izzy basically gives Burke the same speech about how he doesn’t deserve this, and Burke is like, maybe I don’t want to be friends with Cristina’s friends. They’re all so messed up.

Meredith runs away from Georgie when it looks like he’s wants to talk. Alex finds her and wants to know why she’s hiding. Being flip, he says so what if they slept together, move on already. She’s like, he told you? And he’s like, no, “I was just kidding. It’s not like I should be surprised.” “Why not?” “Because when your life is sucking, you get drunk and sleep with inappropriate men. Whatever. I find it charming.” I like when these two have these hidden conversations. They do not appear to have anything in common, but when they look at each other they see a little bit of themselves. They have a mutual understanding because, frankly, they are both pretty major screw-ups. She accuses him of sleeping with inappropriate women and they argue as to who’s deserving of being forgiven for their fatal act when Georgie walks in on the conversation and flips out! Izzy and Cristina walk in on the flip out and Alex is all, “Fetus” and “Baby Boy” is flipping out. HA! So mean, but so appropriate! They all follow a screaming Georgie to the stairwell when he accuses Mere of telling everyone they slept together and Izzy and Cristina are like, WHAAAAA?! Georgie realizes what he’s done and falls down the stairs and dislocates his shoulder. While waiting to get it patched up, Izzy lays it out for Mere, if it comes down to choosing sides, she’s with Georgie. Cristina is less emphatic but points out that this was Mere’s fault and not even she beats on the “weaker kids.” But in the end, we know that Cristina will probably side with Mere as she tells her what she needs to hear: “We all do terrible things.” Karma. The female doctor who looks like a pro wrestler attending to Georgie blatantly hits on him. She seems to enjoy popping his arm back into it’s socket a little too much. You do need to move on Georgie, but this one might be a little out of your league too, in a very different way.

Mer/Der have another McDreamy moment in the elevator. She tells him she did a terrible thing. He says what she needs to hear, we all do terrible things. But she says this is too terrible, she’s lose all her friends over this. He says she’s never lose him. Humina, humina. She points out that he is not her friend and never could be. He doesn’t see why not, they could walk the dog together, drink coffee and “discuss the complex nature of our existence.” LOL! But she’s not convinced and leaves a saddened puppydog McDreamy on the elevator. Awwwww. I want some McDreamy elevator moments!!! Then Derek goes to check up on whatever Bailey and Addison have been secretly up to all day. He finds out about the poison oak and where she got it and they have a good laugh together. You get to see what they once had, and Bailey gives us a look like she thinks they are on the road to recovery, but really, is a case of poison oak enough to repair the damage to their marriage? I think not.

To the disbelief of Georgie and Cristina, #1’s fiancée realizes that she’s not strong enough to face the possibility of his death and take the cowards way out by leaving him before the surgery. While watching the surgery with his bum arm, Nurse Syph – a.k.a Olivia – points out that #1 dodged a bullet b/c if she wasn’t able to love him back the way he loved her then she didn’t deserve him in the first place. Ooooh, double meaning! Georgie apologizes to Nurse Syph for making her feel as bad as he does now.

George decides to move out, and here we finally get to see a flashback to what took place the day before. The utter joy in Georgie’s face and voice and need to please Meredith pains me. It pains her as well, because she realizes much too late that this was a mistake and begins to cry. She tries to brush it off, but the crying only gets more intense and George mistakes the regret she feels for inadequacy and storms out. Mere walks in and before he leaves, Georgie needs to know why. Why did she go thru with it if she knew she didn’t want to. She explains that she didn’t know until she did. He said all the perfect things she needed to hear and thought maybe what I’m looking for has been in front of me the whole time. And it wasn’t until it was too late that she realized it was a mistake and she’s sorry and wants things to go back to the way they were. I get it. I think it’s a good explanation. But honey, it’s no excuse for what you did. She’s got to own up for her mistake and she doesn’t really here. Georgie tells her he doesn’t even know how he could ever go back to the way things were and leaves. “I’m done. We’re done.” He’s sittin’ on the ledge of a hospital window, a place where he first fell in love with Meredith, when Burke sees him. Cut to Burke’s apt: “He’s your friend. he needed our help.” “Are his problems surgical?” “No.” “Then technically he doesn’t need our help.” “You’re a good person.” “I am not.” Tee!Hee! Cristina is me! And as Cristina and Burke say goodnight, Georgie says it back from the couch he’s crashing on. It's kinda your fault he's there, Cristina, since you're the one who told him to stop taking crap from others. Say it with me people: Karma!

The next morning, McDreamy is out walking his dog and guess who's there waiting. Karma.

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Vance said...

I LOVE THE CASTING AGENT ON THIS SHOW!!! First, one of the finest ensembles this side of Buffy, and then last week Eric Danes and now Jonathan Slavin (as the neurotic gay father) and Sara Ramirez (The Lady of the Lake from Broadway's Spamalot) as George's new potential love interest! plus the return of McHunky patient for Izzie (also father of Sam and Dean on Supernatural).

highbrow said...

I haven't seen Spamalot. All I know is that when she wrote her number on Georgie's hand, all I could think was that her place is decked out with an octagon ring where she takes meek men and wrassles with 'em.

On most ensemble casted shows, with the exception of Seinfeld and Friends, there's always one character I can't stand. In the early eps I thought it was going to be Cristina b/c I am not a fan of Sandra Oh's, but she's totally grown on me as I can totally relate to her character on GA. As it turns out, I can't stand Izzy! And her whole search for her own McDreamy makes me want to ffwd her scenes!

Vance said...

I know, you hate Izzie. I love her. She's from "Roswell", another show where I will follow cast members wherever (Brendan Fehr on CSI:Miami and Emilie deRavin on Lost).

Isha said...

I almost cried while watching George and Meredith's get-it-on scene. It was almost too painful to watch. Are they done with humiliating poor Georgie yet? And I actually felt bad for Mere because you could see how sad and awful she felt for making such a stupid mistake.

But God, crying during sex...never a happy ending.

I wish I had a Denny Duquette, bad heart and all. I find him très irresistible.

But McDreamy just makes me if he's her "friend." "Hi, I'm going to be all flirty and coy and totally hot, but don't blame me if you fall in love with me." He's just being all McDreamy-like and Mere just can't resist. I wouldn't be able to, either!

highbrow said...

Hell, I know he's fictional and I can't resist him! I can't resist any of the men on this damn show! Except maybe Georgie...(Sorry all you lovers of George!)

I know, I felt Mere's pain. That scene was so well acted! I though Ellen Pompeo did a fantastic job!