Thursday, February 16, 2006

LOST - One of Them

I guess in keeping with the year of the Dog, Lost writers have been needing to show our favorite characters ugly sides again, just to remind us all of their pasts in case we forgot. First Charlie and Sawyer, and this week, it’s the lovable and sexy torturer (tortured?) Sayid. Yes he vindicates himself because it was out of love for a woman, (because, isn’t that always a valid reason to kill and murder?) but we learn that not only did he learn his torturing skills upon one of his own people, he did it because of some American Soldiers (American Soldiers with a pseudo-daughter like Kate).
Back on the island, Sayid’s crazy friend Danielle is back (and doesn’t she look vaguely similar to Naveen Andrews real life girlfriend Barbara Hershey?) and leads them to hanging man who may or may not be one of “The Others”. More torturing ensues, with the help of Locke, as Jack objects, lock(e)ing heads until the time runs out on the countdown machine. Then… WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? RED and Black tags flicker, some Egyptian looking hieroglyphics appear, but then all is well again as Locke enters the “numbers”.
Boom “LOST” then? NO! They make it even more infuriating by showing Sayid talking to Charlie… and did he just allude to the fact that he knew what Charlie did? Wha? BOOM. ARGHHHHHH…Now two more weeks until another new episode. ARGHHH… its like Torture though not in the Sayid kinda way thank goodness. Man I love this show.


Anonymous said...

Whaaat?!? I realize this is a recap but this still doesn't tell what happened in the show. I'm all confused about what you're talking about. More torturing ensures who is Sayid torturing the dead hanging man? I just started watching this show and was confused to begin with, now I'm more confused then before.

Vance said...

Yeah. I'm not sure if I was much help since I was basically confused pretty much the whole episode too. Again. I warned you all, I won't have any idea what any of it MEANS on Lost, I just know I love this show. Check out TV guide Watercooler, EW TV Watch, and Twop for more recaps with different insights.