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[Grey's Anatomy] Children Do Not Act Like Horny Toads

In this week's narration, Meredith compares her "friends" to children, or more specifically how even as adults we tend to continue to act like children. I think it's the show's way of diverting your attention to what every episode of GA is about: SEX. Now we start off this week with Cristina doing something we can all relate to: dancing with reckless abandon when no one is around to judge. But this being a tv show, and a fairly formulaic one at that, she is inevitably caught in the act by her boyfriend. There's a moment of awkwardness before she decides to go with it and shimmies up to him and tries to get him to join her. But this is the great Dr. Preston Burke who possesses too much decorum for such silliness, right? Nope! It's fabulous to see Burke cut a rug and preform some well worn dance moves short of the running man! It's all fun and games until Cristina's other landlord calls to inform her that there's been a small flood in her other apartment. Oops....

Meanwhile, at the nursing home, the great Dr. Ellis Grey is indulging in a little silliness of her own. She's still under the delusion that she's still a resident at the hospital and coyly divulges to her daughter that she's having an affair with a co-worker and she wishes her husband had the backbone to leave her but that she'd have to do the deed herself and kick him out. Meredith is shocked. She obviously knew her father had left them after asked to do so by her mother, but she never knew why. Back at the hospital, Cristina's defending her actions to Meredith when she's cut off. "What's your problem?" "My Mother's a dirty whore."

Segue to Izzy lustfully looking at Alex who's looking right back at her. She tells him it was a one-time thing and won't happen again. He points out it was a four-time thing and everyone knows this ain't over by a long shot! And sorry to skip way ahead but this storyline just isn't worth going back to. Horny Izzy "tames the beast" by making it a two-more-time thing by episode's end. The show pretends that this is Izzy's main storyline, but it is obvious that the only reason she's around this ep is to be a sounding board for George's still unrequited luff for Mere. George has decided the time has come to take action and Izzy is there to support him. She's his liquid courage, which is apt since she herself is feeling a little heady from all the lust. So while we all shake our heads (Georgie! Meredith is too screwed up for a sweet guy like you! Besides, it's never gonna happen!!), Izzy, who's happy her own love life is finally headed in the right direction, doles out some ill-advice.

So there's Meredith at the nurses station. She is approached by the hhhhhhhhHOTEST male specimen ever to walk the floors of Seattle Grace Hospital and is subsequently hit on as the entire cast looks on. And funny I should say "hit," because that's exactly what McDreamy does to McHotty(?)! Can anyone give me a K-Ohhh! Mere is like, whatthebleep? And McDreamy simply says, "That was Mark." Chief is pissed that McDreamy would dare subject his $2mil/year hand on such uncouth behaviour in his hospital til he finds out who Mark is. Addison explains that the three of them were co-workers and friends back in NYC, that is until McDreamy found Addison and Mark doin' the horizontal mambo. Chief asks McDreamy if he put his weight behind the punch. "Yes." "Alright then."

Meredith is cleaning the cut on Mark's face. While doing so, he confronts her about being McDreamy's "Dirty Mistress" intern and that he's heard about her all the way back in NYC making her famous. She returns the "compliment" and is about to suture it up when he's all, you're kidding, right? Turns out hotstuff is the best plastic surgeon on the east coast and makes Mere hold up a mirror while he sews himself up. The other 4 interns are in the hallway watching the action thru the window. George wants to know why he'd suturing himself. "To turn me on," Cristina purrs. (heh) Then Meredith comes out and the girls try and figure out a good nickname for Mark. McSexy? McYummy? "No, I got it. McSteamy." Yesssss! Can I just point out here that this may be the best looking tv love triangle - actually quadruple including Meredith - since, well in my opinion they are the best looking quad ever according to this list. (It wasn't until 1/2 way through the show that I realized that McSteamy rhymed with McDreamy. Duh! Cut me some slack, I'd just come home from a weekend in NYC at it was midnight! In fact, if some of this stuff is out of order, the sleepiness I feel may have slightly warped my memory. I appolgize.) McSteamy tells Meredith that McDreamy must really like Meredith because when he came home and found his wife having sex with his best friend he just turned around and walked out. But a couple of words with Meredith turned Derek into a "contendah."

Mark finally catches Addison alone. We find out it wasn't just a one night stand, McSteamy is in love with Mrs. McDreamy! He says he's there to bring her home with him, but she tells him that she's not going to go anywhere b/c she's in love with her husband. "He's not in love with you. Why would you stick around for that?" Ouch! That's some tough lovin'! On the other hand, we all know he's just saying the words we've been screaming at the tv for the last season! Later in the episode we see a very familiar scenario: McSteamy tells Addison that he's going to the bar across the street and he'll be waiting for her if she chooses to come. McSteamy runs into Meredith who tells him that she never going to come. "You just don't give a guy like him up." But McSteamy says maybe this one time the "Dirty Mistresses" will be victorious. Then again maybe not....

There are a lot of other parallel stories in this episode. Meredith and McSteamy are not the only "Dirty Mistresses" in the show, so are the Chief and the dirtiest of them all, Cristina's old apartment. McDreamy and Thatcher (Mere's dad) are not the only men who run off when confronted with a DM, they are joined by Burke. Confrontations about the DMs abound. Realizing that McDreamy did the same thing that her father did, leave with no notice, she asks him if it would have been different if they'd had kids. He admits he wasn't sure if that would have changed his actions. Meredith goes to see the father she hasn't seen in over 20 years, but he seems to be the wimp Ellis is always complaining about. He has no excuse for not fighting harder to keep the family together, and when awkwardly he asks if she needs anything, she says not from him. McSteamy confronts the McDreamys and wonders why they can't all get along? McDreamy says that he has not forgiven Addison and there's no need to forgive Mark. Burke confronts Cristina and finally someone says while the other is awake, "I love you." And a bewildered Cristina replies with a "I gave up my apartment 20 mins ago." Well, actions do speak louder than words I suppose, and Burke seems to agree with me b/c he lets the matter go. The Chief thinks Meredith is confronting him about his affair with her mother, when in fact she doesn't know he's the one, and confronts Ellis about the matter. Finally, George tries to ask Meredith out to tell her about his luff for her, but, per usual, she doesn't hear him.

Other notes:
-Bailey's baby is the cutest thing EV-ER!
-The patients (what? there are actual medical cases on this show???) include a woman experiencing multiple spontaneous orgasms; a teenaged boy with lionitis that may make the medical books by letting McSteamy re-structure his face to appear more "normal" and brings out a softer side in Cristina but dies on the table while McDreamy - who can't stand that McSteamy will be operating with him - is trying to remove a tumor encroaching on his brain; and a man with a malignant heart tumor with a 25% chance of survival who makes tapes saying his peace to those who have wronged him in the past.
-Oh, and at the very end, George confronts a mixed-up Meredith for the 2nd time, at home in her bedroom, and gives a speech about how he loves her and how he would never leave her. In her self-destructive way, Meredith turns to George and begins to undress him while I yell, "Don't do it! You'll regret it later!" And a part of me believes this is a tease, that she will snap out if it before it's too late. My hopes are dashed shortly thereafter, for next week's teasers tell us that they have done the electric boogaloo and must face the consequences. Meredith, I hope he gave you syphilis, you "dirty whore"!!!

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Isha said...

God, I thought I was the only one screaming at my TV at the end of the episode.

highbrow said...

nuh-uh! George should have known better, what with all the ONS's she had after she broke up with McDreamy! But at least it gets everything out of the way and George can move on and get a better storyline. He was so cute with the nurse before she gave him "the syph."

Vance said...

Dear George, you know it was a mistake and hopefully now you'll snap out of it and move on and get a great girl that you deserve. Still, this will make for great television since we all love you and the more screen time you get, the more we love.

Anonymous said...

I was totally shocked and screaming at the TV too! Big O was like 'whatev and relaxed' but damn, I can't believe she slept with sweet little George. She IS a dirty whore!!

highbrow said...


George is the sweetest thing, but his infactuation with Meredith is starting to grate. His best storylines are the ones without Meredith involved in them - like the nurses strike. "I'm a union man. No disrespect."

And I don't care what a lot of people say. I still like Meredith. She's whiny and self-destructive, but there's something about her that makes me root for her potential happiness.

Anonymous said...

LOL when I read Dirty Whore! What language!

highbrow said...

Hey! That's taken right from the show baby! It took a well paid television writer to come up with that clever ditty!