Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Rest of this Week

Supernatural - The Benders - Hardy Boys Sam and Dean fight off the scariest of creatures this week. Not monsters, vengeful ghosts or untamed beasts but the motherlode of scary: The Human Psycho Redneck Hunter. This week, as the boys follow a lead of a disappearing man outside a bar, Sam himself gets caught and locked into a cage, only to figure out that they are "released" to become prey for a killer-happy family. Dean and unconvinced girlcop search, girlcop gets caught as well, and then after a few scenes of me hiding behind my hand, all survive and the rednecks are dead.

Boston Legal - Smile -
The Crazy Story of the Week - Brad (Mark "Jack Devereaux replacement" Valley) is blackmailed to help out "Denny Crane"'s fiance to save her cat Barry Manilow (do they think we don't watch Gilmore Girls and the dog Paul Anka?) from having the plug pulled off the resuscitator due to her ex-husbands' request.
Mildly Crazy but somewhat plausible Story of the Week - Alan Shore (James Spader) fights for a girl to be accepted into a private school because her mother believes she was turned away because the girl does not smile (due to the lost of muscles in her face after an accident). This is James Spader at his best, when he is dealing with a kooky case that is still heartfelt letting him show some dramatic range and not the surreal foolishness that begat the first half of this second season.
Important Story of the Week - Shirley Schmidt (the great Candice Bergen) teams up girl power style with Denise Bauer (Julie Bowen of "Ed" fame. Remember how I follow all "Ed" alum? watch Julie Bowen in Boston Legal or Lost and you will see why) to defend a pregnant-from-a-rape girl whose request for the Morning-After Pill was rejected at a Catholic hospital. We are finally getting to see more action with the female leads after a men-heavy first half of the season, and with Candice Bergen and Julie Bowen as counterpart for James Spader and William Shatner, including the end of show bonding session over drinks (and cigars for the boys), this show has finally seemed to find the right balance amongst their heavyweight actors which is the greatest part of this show. Still, no idea why Ryan Michelle Bathe is in the credits since we haven't really seen her since her introduction in the fall. Justin Mentell seems to have been sidelined off as well and only kept for some wallpaper* material (something nice to look at but kinda useless).

Freddie - Two Times a Lady - When did Brian Austin Green become funny? I mean intentionally funny?

Survivor: Exile Island - I can't remember anything in this episode anymore because I'm still traumatized/turned on(?) from the all-out wrestling in the immunity competition and trying to erase/remember it from my head. Misty gets the boot in the end, who was one of my picks for final four. So much for what I know.

Everybody Hates Chris - Everybody Hates the Lottery - I really like this show but I never really have anything to say about it. Although, Tichina Arnold deserves an Emmy just for her scenes where she is chewing her beloved Turtles.

Dancing with the Stars - Results Show - So did Michael Buble lower his ratings points by appearing on this show? or did the show just boost its points for snagging Michael Buble? I can't tell but I love the fact that this show can accommodate Buble, the Pussycat Dolls AND Barry Manilow (the real singer, not the cat). What demographics DOES this show have? So Jerry Rice's football fanbase apparently DO watch this show because he is safe but Lisa Rinna's soap opera fan base does not. What's happening to this world?

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