Monday, February 13, 2006

Things you need to know about Vance

Hello everyone, my name is Vance. Well not really, but it’s just My Secret Identity (a cute little Canadian show btw that starred a teenage but already lean Jerry O’Connell).

So, first of all, I will warn you that I’m the optimistic one here and I tend to give things more of a chance than maybe I should, and I usually give a show the benefit of the doubt (one reason I’m still watching “The OC”).

There are also certain past shows, due to my total love and respect, will follow their fellow cast members to new projects without any objection, almost to a fault (some of these shows include “Ed” and “Twin Peaks”) (and why I started watching "Courting Alex" if only for Josh Randall from "Ed").

So to give you an idea of what I like, here were my Top picks for 2005 and some other noteworthy shows (and already 6 weeks into the new year, some of the rankings have switched but that is for another blog entry):

1. EVERWOOD – nothing was more heartbreaking and detailed about relationships within a family and town.
2. LOST – its convoluted, confusing, and just plain ridiculous and yet we still want to know more.
3. VERONICA MARS –who knew Murders, Betrayal and conspiracies could be such a hoot?
4. GILMORE GIRLS- because it has wit and attitude to spare all with an emotional punch.
5. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT – Its just so retardidly funny.
6. ENTOURAGE – The Ultimate Buddies Comedy
7. GREY’S ANATOMY – This is how Melodrama is done!
8. LITTLE BRITAIN – I am NOT a fan of sketch comedy but I SNORT laugh in this one all the time. Bonus for having “Giles” as the Prime Minister of Britain.
9. THE OFFICE – (US Version) Its found its own rhythm and matched the UK version and kept the uncomfortableness while keeping the characters endearing (yes, even Steve Carrell’s Michael).
10. SCRUBS – Why is this not a bigger hit?
10.5 THE DAILY SHOW – The reason why I’m sleep deprived (since it’s on at midnight where I live).

Honourable Mentions go to : Weeds, My Name is Earl, Everybody Hates Chris, Jack & Bobby, How I Met Your Mother, Corner Gas (yes! Can you believe a CDN show made it?), Kitchen Confidential (or the little that they showed of it)

2nd Honourable Mentions for good shows that could have been better since they showed promise with GREAT episodes and GREAT casts: House, Alias (if only for the season finale), Desperate Housewives (so good in season 1, so sophomore slump in season 2), CSI, Supernatural, Bones, The Amazing Race, ER.

I have some guilty pleasures including American Idol, Reba, Twins and Dancing with the Stars.
So, let me warn you again that I will probably not be on time with any reviews as I actually do work sometimes (to my friends who don’t believe me). New shows will be covered but at this moment, here are the shows I’m supposed to cover (though I will pipe in on highbrows shows at times):

Tuesday – Gilmore Girls, The Amazing Race, American Idol
Wednesday – Lost, Everwood (on Mondays usually but only shown Wed in my city)
Thursday – Survivor, The Office, The OC
Sunday – Desperate Housewives

I am not good at figuring out the clues on Lost. I don’t know why Yes Dear is still on the air. I still think The OC would be a much better show if Marissa just died already so that we can have more Seth/Summer/Ryan screentime love. I reserve the right to drop American Idol and Survivor at any time if the contestants all begin to annoy me (and I run out of snarky comments for those said contestants). You will also notice "24" is not on my list because I couldn't keep up in Season 3 and plan to marathon Season 4 (when apparently it got good again) very soon, but at this point, it's not on my watching list so I leave it off the Best of list.

I do love watching though and I’ll be telling you what you should be watching too. If not, Yes Dear will continue to run while ratings for Arrested Development will remain low and get it cancelled. Oh wait. Didn’t that already happen? So get going… and stop complaining that there is nothing ever on, you’re just watching the wrong things.

I will be giving you my two cents about movies soon, and as the 2006 Oscars are coming up, and as I have finally seen all the Best Pic nominees, I will definitely have something to say.


highbrow said...

See, I told you so. Vance puts much more thought into "top 10" lists and the only reason I posted mine was b/c he put a gun to my head.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Show is over-rated! I thought Jon Stewart's best moment wasn't even on his own show; it was his guest appearance on CNN. And I can't believe 24 didn't make your list. Another "oversight" is the newly re-made Battlestar Galactica series. I just re-checked and, well, I don't actually watch any of the shows on your list! (Even including your honorable mentions.) Hah.