Friday, February 24, 2006

Reality Overload

The Olympics vs. Survivor vs. Dancing with the Stars vs. American Idol

The Japanese won their first medal this year in the biggest night of Winter Olympic sports, the Women’s Figure Skating. Too bad cause I’m sure it got clobbered by everything else. First off, Survivor – Terry was exiled and Ruthie was booted off. Good going gang, send the oldest female back because it’s the easiest play. Boring.
American Idol – Well, people spoke and they said that they would rather keep a crazy person who could not sing rather than keeping a beauty who could not sing. Brenna’s still in, Maxim’s Becky is out. I was a little surprised actually. Thankfully, I wasn’t shocked that Bobby got booted, though the abrupt and new harsher tone Ryan Seacrest gives the boot was probably a bigger shock than anything else in the whole show. Opera girl Stevie was voted off next, and then finally bland but decent white boy Patrick Hall (don’t remember him? I told you he’s forgettable and that while not a bad singer, will probably not garner enough votes to save him) was the last to leave. And now there are 20.
Finally, Dancing with the Stars. Simply put. I LOVE THIS SHOW. Shall I put the effort to explain the greatness of this show or just relegate that my tastes have possibly lowered? Still, even after an hour of clips which I enjoyably watched, Jerry, Stacy and Drew danced off two more final times with Drew finishing off the Freestyle with a cowboy bang. Drew scored a perfect 60/60 and Stacy only really disappointed with a great freestyle but poor for our expectations of her. Still, I actually didn’t know who to vote for. Drew or Stacy?

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Bee-ryan said...

I voted for Stacy because she is truly the best dancer. The only reason her freestyle sucked was because her professional did a crappy job at it. It's his fault, not hers.

I must admit that I did like Drew's freestyle, but I am not impressed with him overall. Well, not in compairson to Stacy.