Monday, February 20, 2006

Desperate Housewives - Thank you So Much

Just as I was about to say that this show has picked itself up again since the new year, with 3 great episodes airing since January after a boring fall season, we go back to another boring episode. Mrs. Betty Applewhite, just as she was finally getting interesting, was nowhere to be seen, and even though we got an appearance from Harriet Samson Harris watching over sneaky grandpa, most of the episode brought little to further any major plotlines.
We had more of Susan’s fake marriage which led Edie to believe she was about to get engaged by accidentally finding a wedding ring and pre-nup in Karl’s briefcase. We had Brie babysitting Lynette’s kids and falling asleep drunk leading Lynette to write an accusatory note in all the empty wine bottles Brie drank, on Brie’s doorstep. We had Plumber Mike inform Paul Young of Zach’s grandfathers intention of keeping his claws on the boy, thus letting eavesdropping-Zach that Mike is his real father, and also uniting enemies Mike and Paul together to protect Zach.
Finally, there was the whole creepy story of Gabrielle’s mom visiting and volunteering to be a surrogate mother for Gabrielle, who had just found out that she cannot have a baby herself due to the complications from the fall when Caleb broke into their house. Now, this whole season has basically been about trying to get Eva Longoria an Emmy nom, since she has had the best lines, and the most range of emotional work to do, and Eva has pulled it off spectacularly, but this storyline was just too yucky to stomach, even though it was to get Carlos to realize Gabrielle’s true past and her how evil her mother really is. It also allowed Carlos to concede to adopting a baby. The big question this episode brought to light though was: When did Maria Conchita Alonso start looking like Charo?

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