Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Go Jump In The Pool - The 2008 Beijing Olympics Superficial Coverage

Oh Canada, seriously? Still no medals? Even Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries I can't spell have won medals. At least Great Britain is still 0 as well. It's the Queen thing isn't it? (On the other hand, Australia is doing well so what's our excuse?) (UPDATE: OOPS I was wrong. Britain has tons of medals. So it's just a Canadian sucky thing...)

At least Mike Brown finally has a chance! Yay! And I'm not sure why (well, I do know why and if you know who JT Sloan is then I don't have to explain myself and if you don't, well, nevermind...) but the little Red Maple Leaf tattoo on the chest is totally hot. Usually I'm not into tats but for some reason nationalism on the chest is totally hot (when it's Canadian).

Meanwhile, I just had to post this picture of the helpful French Team, just because. Teehee:
Meanwhile, how can you NOT talk about the Mens 4x 200m Freestyle Relay? The USA just DOMINATED and were so far ahead of the GREEN World Record Line (let alone everyone else) that even if you want to hate Phelps, Lochte and co., you really can't (well, unless you're swimmers in the other lanes).

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Joe Reid said...

Wasn't the girl who came from behind and beat Katie Hoff the other day from Great Britain? Poor Katie Hoff, man.

Vance said...

oh yeah. for some reason I didnt see Britain on the medal listings. I think I was looking for Great or UK.
oops. okay. so its a Canadian sucky thing then...

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