Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh Canada! - The 2008 Beijing Olympics Superficial Coverage


At least Adam Van Koeverden recovered today and got the Silver in the K1 500m Kayaking after missing out in the 1000m. Whew. (Interesting of note, is it a Commonwealth thing that Australia, Canada and Britain won Gold, Silver and Bronze in this event?)

Adam Van Koeverden seemed so hard on himself in the post interview on CBC. I just wanted to cuddle him to make him feel better... amongst many other reasons...

Meanwhile, yay to Emilie Heymans, Priscilla Lopez-Schliep and all the other women who won medals for Canada... but... I'm going to post more pictures of the boys! It's not a sexist thing, it's an ogling thing. (Hence, the superficial coverage of the Olympics which I stated right off the bat so sue me).

This will probably be my last post for the Beijing Olympics and as the CBC documentaries on Newsworld yesterday reminded me, don't forget about all the REAL problems China is hiding still. Strangely, everything I ranted about urban development and planning within China was stated exactly on the news report by my MORTAL SCHOOL FRENEMY who was the CBC's "Canadian Architect working in China". I think I threw up in my mouth a little. I have a whole envy AND contempt thing going with this guy. Contemptvy? Even worse? I just found out I might be staying at this guys place next week on my trip to China (though he won't be there). How's that for awkward? (His best friend is one of my best friends and setting the whole accommodation thing).
For once though, I actually agreed with him and everything he said on TV. Anyways, sidetracked...

So for all the summer athletes (like young diving cuties Reuben Ross and Riley McCormick (OMFG, he was born in '91?)), see you in London in 2012, but for everyone else, see you all in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics in CANADA!!! Welcome! Bienvenue! See you all soon!

Meanwhile, let's continue to bask in our glory with Bronze winner Alexandre Despatie:

Alexandre Despatie and Arturo Miranda in the Men's 3m Synchronized Diving from earlier in the Olympics:

Jason Burnett wins Silver in Trampoline:

Thomas Hall wins Bronze in the C1 1000m Canoeing:

How exciting was that finish where Simon Whitfield came from behind to end up winning a Silver in the Men's Triathlon?:

Kevin Light, Ben Rutledge, Jake Wetzel, Malcolm Howard, Dominic Seiterle, Adam Kreek and Kyle Hamilton throw coxman Brian Price after winning Gold in the Men's Eight With Coxswain:

Eric Lamaze wins Gold in Individual Equestrian Jumping:

Iain Brambell, Jon Beare, Mike Lewis and Liam Parsons win Bronze in Men's Lightweight Four Without Coxswain:

David Calder and Scott Frandsen wins Silver in the Men's Pair Without Coxswain

Rory Cochrane wins Bronze in the 1500m Freestyle Swimming:

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Photos: Getty Images, Reuters and Associated Press

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