Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wait, This Isn't Soft Core... ? - The 2008 Beijing Olympics Superficial Coverage

I go away for a few days, come back from the weekend, start a new job (well, an old job actually just for a bit while I had some time to spare) and all of a sudden, Canada's medal standings jump from a big 0 to besting Athens and we still have a few days left!?? Awesome! I should go away some more! (How exciting was Simon Whitfield's comeback to win Silver in the Triathlon the other night?!)

Meanwhile, I've been watching the Olympics when I could, and I've been collecting some gratuitous photos along the way from the Mens Diving, Gymnastics, Waterpolo (which would be the sexiest game EVER if it weren't for those silly caps), Rowing... (I would have done some others but there wasn't the best photos but I've been watching!)

So here's some of whom I drooled over the last week (in no particular order). You know, cause that's the whole point of the Olympics. Right?

Suran Markosyan of ARMENIA in Blue under Irbek Farniev of RUSSIA in Red. (Reuters)

Jonathan Horton (USA) in the Mens Individual Gymnastics Horizontal Bars:

Adam Van Koeverden (CANADA) in the K1 1000m (Kayak)

Leszek Blanik (POLAND) in the Mens Individual Gymnastics Vault:

Anton Golotsutskov (RUSSIA) in the Men's Individual Gymnastics Vault:

Filp Filipovic (SERBIA) in Waterpolo:

Fabian Hambuerchen (GERMANY) in the Mens Individual Gymnastics on the Bars

Sergey Khorohkordin (RUSSIA) in the Mens Individual Gymnastics Pommel Horse and Vault:

Alexander Artemev (USA) in the Mens Individual Gymnastics Rings:

Benoit Caranobe (FRANCE) in Mens Individual Gymnastics Vault and Parallel Bar (from All Round):

Wang Feng and Qin Kai (CHINA) for the Pairs 3m Diving:

Dmitry Sautin and Yulry Kunakov (RUSSIA) in the Pairs 3m Diving:

Alexandre Despatie and Arturo Miranda (CANADA) in the Pairs 3m Diving:

Wei Yang (CHINA) in the Mens Individual Gymnastics All Round Parallel Bars:
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Photos: Getty Images


Linz McC said...

I really appreciate your superficial coverage because I have missed a lot of these events... :)

Oh, that Despatie... Saw him dive last night. HOT!

Vance said...

Oh yes! Maybe ill do one final tribute to the men of Canada's Olympic team so I can show off Despatie once again! And from Montreal where I went to uni!

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