Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh, The Mental Gymnastics Going Through My Head! - 2008 Beijing Olympics Superficial Coverage

I watched the Mens Team All Round Artistic Gymnastics last night. Do I really need to explain myself any further? (Hey, at least I was upfront about my reasons for watching the Olympics!)

Congrats to the winners but didn't the Russians and other Eastern European countries used to dominate this event? um, I kinda miss seeing those big Russian and Romanians and Bulgarians...

Still, lots of hotness... and uh... physical excellence and accomplishments here! (yah, that's it...):

Bronze winning Team USA:
Jonathan Horton (also above):

Team USA:

Kai Wen Tan:

Justin Spring (aptly named):

Gold winning Team China:

Yang Wei:

Silver winning Team Japan:
Takehiro Kashima:

Makoto Okgushi:

Team Germany:
Fabian Hambuchen
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And yes, I do watch things with women in it too. I'm actually watching the Women's Synchronized Diving Finals right now (well, mostly because Canada actually has a chance).

Photos: Getty Images


Shay said...

Hi! This post on the Olympics is great – thanks. Did you know you can grab live images from www.picapp.com - Check it out!

Joe Reid said...

I'm a Justin Spring kinda guy myself (Prince Harry with quad muscles, that guy), but after last night, I came away with a healthy Jonathan Horton appreciation, even if he is a Teeny-Tiny Muscle Child. Dude was clutch as hell.

And since I'm a total homer, I can only now, that the medals have been given, eke out an appreciation for the non-Americans you've posted about. Truly they have their virtues as well.

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