Monday, December 08, 2008

The Ham Quotient Just Lowered Tenfold on TV - So Long Boston Legal

Apparently tonight is the SERIES Finale for Boston Legal. Does this mean the Emmy's will finally stop nominating James Spader and William Shatner?

Okay, you know? I actually still enjoy the show (although I'm WAY behind on this shortened final season) because any show that would cast Taraji P. Henson (Hustle and Flow) deserves some kudos (Oh Hello fellow ABC show Eli Stone! Which is also ending too. Seriously, what IS left on ABC come winter?) even though the series never really did know how to deal with their attractive younger cast members (Mark Valley, Julie Bowen, Tara Summers, Constance Zimmer, Monica Potter, Rhona Mitra, Justin Mentell, Ryan Michelle Bathe, Lake Bell, Melissa Coughlan, Saffron Burrows and Taraji P. Henson), constantly firing the latest batch for a brand new set of fresh blood.

The series only knew how to use its cast of heavyweights (and I do choose that word intentionally) who were always a hoot just for all the ham produced by The Shat, The Spader and Murphy Brown herself, Candace Bergen.

Of course, this is an end of an era no? Because once Boston Legal goes off the air, doesn't it mean that it will be the first time since ... ??? ... that they are no David E. Kelley shows running on the air? I mean, we have to go back before The Practice (good in the first few seasons), before Ally McBeal, Boston Public, before Picket Fences (probably the best of Kelley's shows), before Chicago Hope.

Wow, what's Michelle Pfeiffer going to do with her hubby home all day? This is when they discover they drive each other crazy and file for divorce. For the love of Michelle Pfeiffer's marriage, someone give Kelley a new TV show! (Or maybe not since I've gotten tired of his antics as most of the television audience seems to have as well).


WhoIsHeNiobe said...

I don’t know what Michelle Pfeiffer is going to do with her hubby home all day, but I have a few ideas about what the most lucky man on earth is going to do with Michelle Pfeiffer home all day…
Who would have wish to write anything, having Ladyhawke around all the time?

Dame James Henry said...

I gave up on this show sometime last season and I can't believe I stayed with it that long. It was funny at one point, but after awhile so many episodes with James Spader winning every case, no matter how improbable, with some horrible speech that sounded like it was written by a high school debate team, it got realllllly old. Besides that, the show is so chauvinistic (Shatner and Spader can bang anyone they want but heaven forbid Bergen should get some without having Shatner's permission) that I think Mad Men treats its women better. Hasta la vista, you crappy show.

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