Friday, December 12, 2008

Survivor - Sugar and Spice and Everything NICE MOVE!

Survivor: Gabon - The Good Guys Should Win in the End - Ep. 1712

Kenny may be pulling a lot of the strings and coming close to the million dollars but boy, the guy is still a nitwit.

Of course, pretty much everyone left is a nitwit since Sugar, Bob and Matt should have voted off Kenny before they voted off Crystal but last night's switcheroo was still pretty sweet!

For a second I actually doubted Sugar but again, I should have known better and known she had it all figured out, getting Crystal and Kenny to gun for Matt (especially since Bob had the immunity idol and she started flaunting hers) and then hand her Idol over to Matt once the votes were in. Thus sending Crystal home instead. SWEET Sugar!

So there actually might be a chance that final 3 will actually be Bob, Matt and Sugar!!!


As long as Susie doesn't interfere...


Oh god, what if she does? How is she still on the island?

Of course at this point, with Charlie, Marcus, Corrine and some Mohawk dude (WTF?) probably won't be siding with Kenny no matter who he's against (unless god forbid it's with Susie) that Bob, Sugar or Matt are guaranteed to win at this point.

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