Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pushing Daisies - Finding Nemo's Mother's Killer

Pushing Daisies - Lighthouse - Ep. 209

A yellow raincoated Alexander Gould (Nemo in Finding Nemo, Shane Botwin in Weeds) shows up at The Pie Hole with his jar of pennies asking for help to find his mother's murderer, who was a lighthouse keeper in search of their missing-at-sea sea captain father. Would this have made him Captain Nemo? Captain Nemo Merle was found by a family gay cruise (oley!) but now he's missing, the child is crying and mommy is dead.

Olive and Emerson take on the job because Chuck and Ned have their own problems. Plus Olive Snoop just fits the job of a private investigator. How come I've never noticed that before?

Ned is angry at Chuck for keeping her father alive but accepts it and helps hide them from Aunts Lily and Vivian (although at this point, shouldn't we stop calling her Aunt Lily?). Charles Charles shows his thanks by threatening to keep Chuck from Ned if Ned doesn't help Charles Charles. In fact, Charles Charles becomes the concerned father needling Ned to stay away from his daughter. Charles has no problem in outing the couple, Ned tries to keep Charles trapped in the apartment, they fight, Chuck must side with her father and the age old story of girl meets boy, father meets girl's boyfriend and tries to keep them apart, girl is torn, except that father had been dead for 20 years and blames boy.

You know, same old same old.

Anyways another week, another convoluted (and I mean that in the bestest sense!) case with developers, nice but creepy lady, and a singing quartet of raincoated men oh my.

I wonder what raincoat I would wear? Hilarious!:

Yes, those are olives on Olive's raincoat and those are cod's on Emerson Cod's raincoat. Love these little and totally absurd details!

So with only one more episode for the year, Charles Charles has decided to run off with the knowledge of the secret (well, that and being a dead alive himself) as he leaves behind a dumbfounded Ned and Chuck.

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