Friday, December 12, 2008

What, No Kwanzaa? - The Office and 30 Rock

The Office - Moroccan Christmas - Ep. 510
30 Rock - Christmas Special - Ep. 306

As much as I liked The Office's Christmas episode, it was lucky it was on first because 30 Rock blew it away with another Christmas special called... Christmas Special with the amazing and acerbic Elaine Stritch returning for the jolly holiday episode!

Seriously, Elaine Stritch needs to return every year for the 30 Rock Christmas episode because it's become a wonderfully acid tradition!

Oh yah, and Jane Krakowski sings again. I know. Again. I forgot who said that it must be in her contract that she sings in every episode but I'm beginning to think it's true. Personally I don't mind since I find it always hilariously done and she really does have a fab voice (that I'm willing to fly all the way to London to hear her in Guys and Dolls and then see her again in Damn Yankees this past summer) but it is kinda funny that they've been able to sneak in a song somehow every week AND it conveniently shows off her voice. Plus on a side note, she was about the only funny and good thing on the awkward Rosie Live special.

So Jacky's mom is back!

Jack goes down to Florida for his required pre-holiday visit with mommy dearest and ends up running her over just as he was leaving to jet off to lie naked in Rio (or somewhere exotic sounding).

So Jack (whom would have called Joan Baez back if he wanted to lick a hippie) must bring back a broken Colleen to New York and tries to hide away from her by getting forcing the troops to put on a Christmas Special on Christmas Eve.

The show is peppy, speedy and strangely in the holiday spirit! All while Liz tries to answer the wishes from a Dear Santa letter with Tracy "I don't know every Black person Oh Hi Irene!" Jordan (haha... Trené... haha).

Even the peppy theme song from 30 Rock was a spin from the more dour The Office which had Michael diagnosing a drunk Meredith and then spending the rest of the episode dragging her to a Rehabilitation Center. Thanks to Kate Flannery's performance (and her running around the parking lot), it was still funny.

Plus, the mixture of EVERY ALCOHOL Michael made for her actually sounded kinda tasty. Hmm... it's like slurping the leftovers on the bar after closing hours! Yum! (I swear, I didn't actually just slurp the leftover juices from the bar after closing).

Jim and Pam continue to play cute (I know most people are getting annoyed but I'm not. Plus hearing John Krasinski's voice on that commercial is quite soothing). Jim continues to taunt Dwight (I know some people are getting annoyed but I'm not. It's still funny. And the desk wrapping was quite pretty).

But Phyllis continues to "use" (not blackmail. That requires paperwork!) Angela as Phyllis gets to plan her Moroccan Christmas party (much to Angela and Jesus' dismay) but when Angela decides to stop cutting pita's for the humus and other such jobs to "help" Phyllis, Phyllis blurts out Angela's indiscretions with Dwight to the whole office.

Well, except Andy who wasn't there. Who then continues to profess his devotion to Angela. In front of the whole office. Who now knows about Angela and Dwight. Ouch.

Merry Christmas Andy! And Merry Christmas to all! And all a good night! (Now where's that wet bar?)

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