Saturday, December 06, 2008

British Mad Cows and Cheesey Pop - Same Difference

The British just seem to know their cheeses far better than we do here in North America.

Case in point, check out the Brother-Sister duo of Sarah and Sean who form the music group Same Difference, the third place winner of X-Factor (Simon Cowell's star search show back in his homeland that also spawned winner Leona Lewis). Their new album Pop just came out and the first single, "We R One" is so sugary pop, it'll give you tooth decay just from listening to it. And it's so weird and yet wonderful that I'm totally addicted already, like music crack:

I totally have Rants from a Diva for getting me hooked. He has a lovely (and hilarious) ode to the (psychotically) happy duo.

Seriously. What a WEIRD group that would verge on creepy (even more than Donnie and Marie) if it weren't for the effervescence bubbling from the aura of the siblings and their super happy peppy smile while they do their super happy peppy cheerleading choreography! LOVE IT!

It's almost as bad/good as Britania High which I'm still secretly enjoying!

Seriously, the Brits just know their cheeses! (RfaDiva relates Same Difference to S Club 7 or a bit like Girls Aloud. I hope Same Difference gets their own show like S Club 7 cause that was kinda awesome!). The milk must come from mad cows. How else to explain it all?

RFAD's Dame James Henry mentioned the Flowers from the Attic duo singing High School Musical's "Breaking Free" and after some easy youtube searching, I found their performance from The X-Factor and its FABULOUS! Weird. But fabulous!:

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