Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Go Chuck Yourself!

Chuck - Chuck Versus the Ex - Ep. 206, Chuck Versus the Fat Lady - Ep. 207, Chuck Versus the Gravitron - Ep. 208, Chuck Versus the Sensei - Ep. 209, Chuck Versus the DeLorean - Ep. 210

Why oh WHY is this show not doing better than it is? It's absolutely hilarious. There's a totally hot babe (seriously, even I WOULD TURN for Yvonne Strahovski). Some kickass action and fighting sequences. Nerds. A hot guy named Captain Awesome (if I wasn't gay already, I would be for Ryan McPartlin). Adam Baldwin from Firefly (Come on all ya Whedon fans). Plus a guest appearance by Dixon! (uh, I mean Carl Lumbly from Alias)

My only criticism of the show has generally been my distaste for the Morgan character but they seem to be dialing it down a bit into manageable pieces as they've amped the backstories on spied Casey and Sarah (yey! plus more funny wigs and embarrassing or shocking revelations!!!).

I wasn't a fan of Jordana Brewster (mainly cause when I read her bio: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Annapolis, The Fast and the Furious, The Faculty, I've realized I've never actually seen her in anything) but her appearance as Chuck's ex-girlfriend who ends up being a sort-of spy turned out to be a great plot twist and I thought it was played out perfectly for all the hilarity, drama, romance and emotional damage it could have been. Like one big hilarious action packed soap opera!

Loved Casey as seen in different haircuts from the history of his life (though sadly I can't find more photos) and Adam Baldwin can grunt out more expression and emotion than anybody on CSI:Miami can act with words.

Sarah's introduction to her con-artist dad (oh Gary Cole, what show do you NOT plan on appearing in this year?) who conned the wrong sheik (Anthony Azizi who I've always had a thing for, maybe because he played gay in Commander in Chief) was just too good. And on the same episode as the DeLorean!

And as implausible as it was, the gavitron scene was a hoot. Cause I hate those things.

Seriously, why are more people not watching this show? Go Chuck it for yourselves!

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