Monday, December 08, 2008

The Amazing Race - The Fantasticks

The Amazing Race - You Look Like Peter Pan - Ep. 1311 - Season Finale

Now that Nick and Starr won and they share the Milliion Dollar prize, will Nick Spangler still continue at The Fantasticks? Or does that mean he now has money to pump into the theatre as a producer himself? Especially now in this dire economy! (Then again, he might be better off hiding it under his mattress).

Damnit, I knew I should have followed my sister to see The Fantasticks last week. Who knew my sister was watching a Millionaire on stage?

Anyways, with Andrew and Dan being the third team in the finals, it was really more like a two way race between Nick and Star and Ken and Tina and while I started off hating Ken and Tina, I don't mind them so much now (though Tina's brows still scare me) and I know lots of people hate Nick and Star mainly for being so perfect and winning each leg but I still like them, or shall I say I like Nick cause he's cute and cordial.

Starr is a lucky bitch to have a great brother AND romance Dallas! Which apparently is still going on at a distance right now. AND he lost his wallet and passport because of a production technicality. NO FAIR.

Anyways, I liked the challenges in this finale. They seemed to have FINALLY perfected them to mix both brains AND brawn using the entire race as answers.

Although did it have to come down to a race between finding taxi's again? Why not a footrace like in season 2? Granted that does favour the younger teams.

So after 23 days (only? Didn't these things used to take a month at least?), we have another season of The Amazing Race that wasn't as good as some of the earlier ones (Season 1, 2, 3) but was enjoyable enough (and not one of the worst seasons either), even if they seemed to stick around Europe way too many times again.

See you for Season 14 starting on February 15th 2009!

Hopefully there will be less reliances on taxi's (force them on public transit, that would be hilarious!), less bunching up and more exotic locales.

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