Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Laughing At All the Drama - Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl and More

Brothers & Sisters - Just A Sliver - Ep. 310

Always loved Scotty but the clincher here was his reaction to the news of Kevin's positive paternity results after Justin and Kevin are tested to see who really fathered niece Elizabeth. Luke Macfarlane's subtle reaction of reluctant acceptance and disappointment all while feigning some sort of acceptable decorum is why he's been a welcome addition to the cast.

But first, when Kitty, Kevin, Justin and Tommy try to get out of Thanksgiving dinner with Nora, Sarah's the lone brother or sister left to attend the family festivities (Sarah: "You're All Dead To Me... I hope you eat salmonella and die". Ouch!) but alas, Tommy and Julia (she's still in the show? She's still in the opening CREDITS???) discover their baby is gravely ill and discovers she needs a transplant, preferably from her real father. Which means they would need to track down which sperm, Kevin or Justin's, swam faster after they donated it to impregnate Julia.

After some shaky storylines this season and an inconsistent quality, it was nice to see an emotionally satisfying yet still funny episode of Brothers & Sisters, returning back to what it does best, in their Thanksgiving episode, albeit a week late as it seems. Shouldn't we be at the Christmas episode by now? Still, I won't complain considering the lack of truly great episodes this year. And at least they brought the Holly down to a minimum this week (which may have added to the quality).

Gossip Girl - O Brother, Where Bart Thou? - Ep. 213

And here's another show that bounced back from a bad one to make a truly fantastic episode (granted generally speaking, I think Gossip Girl's been having a great season). After last week's Vanessa-centric (groan) episode, Gossip Girl moves on by killing Bart. And so unceremoniously too in a car accident.

I've actually liked having Bart around, as the wedge between Lily and Rufus and as a chain to Chuck so I thought they killed him off too soon and could have milked his character a bit longer. On the other hand, Bart's death sure is keeping the ball rolling.

Chuck is devastated and blaming the Humphrey's for Bart's death. Blair is trying to comfort him back to no avail. CeCe returns as the new wedge between Lily and Rufus just as they've decided to move forth together, while Serena decides to reject Dan because... well... dating your potential step-brother is too creepy even for Gossip Girl.

And all the death talk leads Cyrus to move up his wedding with Eleanor, much to Blair's disappointment.

Alas, we get a wedding, a funeral AND lots of Chuck (Ed Westwick) looking mightily... well Chuck-ish with his frowny piercing eyes modeling for the fashion mags look. PERFECT!

Plus you can't deny that Chuck's final breakdown into Blair's bosoms didn't tear you up just a little? Even the little bastard deserves some empathy even after threatening Lily by exposing her institutionalized secret (oh, that lasted just about 9 months probably?) and continually hating on Dan just because he looks better with Nate (oh come on, you know there's a bromance jealousy lingering in the air).

So out with the Bart and in with the CeCe who now leaks the Lily baby info to Rufus and a new wedge is formed. Love that this soap knows how to dramatize the adults just as well as the horny kids.

More on Desperate Housewives, Privileged, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Worst Week:

Desperate Housewives - A Vision's Just a Vision - Ep. 510

Oooh, the gay porn episode and the story of Andrew's new FIANCE, Dr. Hottie er... Alex (Todd Grinnell) yet in a terrific twist, it doesn't exactly go the typical porn-past story route and turns it into a HEARTWARMING story. Still, it was hilarious to get there when Bree invites the neighbour gays (Lee and Bob) to a dinner party with Andrew and his new manfriend/roomate Dr. Alex when Bree discovers their relationship. When Lee and Bob recognize Alex from a gay adult video (one which they just recently rented! Though does anyone still RENT them anymore?), Bree susses it out from them and follows up by RENTING the video herself to bring it to Andrew's attention. (WHY oh WHY couldn't they have shown Bree renting the video? Comic gold totally lost right there!) In the twist and to ruin Bree's surprise, Andrew already knows and accepts Dr. Alex's filmography, especially considering Andrew's own sordid past, and Bree and Andrew hug it out. Awwww...

I do hope that doesn't mean the end of Andrew's plotline's because it's nice to see him around more often.

Meanwhile, MJ hates Katherine for dating his father after overhearing Susan saying she'll get back together with Mike. Laughed out loud when MJ threw the bowling ball on Katherine's toes.

In another heartwarming turn, Carlos discovers Gaby has sold his beloved Lou Gehrig and after fighting about it, with Gaby dancing her way on a table to get it back (it made sense in the show), Carlos realizes how far they've fallen when he discovers Gaby's empty closet and cue awww... Carlos sells the baseball to buy Gaby a new dress.

Finally, Porter is arrested for burning the bar down that killed a few people and Dave backs up the accusations. The story is getting even more intense but let's talk about what's most important. Doesn't Lynette's (and by that I mean Felicity Huffman) new do look fantastic? It's nice to know that when you've just bought off the woman whose been sleeping with your underage son and survived a tragic fire, one can always manage a fabulous makeover.

On top of that, it's nice to see Lynette having more kids than just Porter and Preston with a cherubic and cartoonish looking Parker (the adorable Joshua Logan Moore) finally speaking a few (and funny) lines.

Privileged - All About the Ripple Effect - Ep. 112

Speaking of horny kids, Sage may not admit to her crush on the help Luis, but Marco sure knows it (as does the rest of the staff) and gets Rose to feign a crush on the new chef to make Sage jealous. Meanwhile, the smart and sneaky Sage knows a thing or two about revenge and sets Rose up with HER crush Zach played by Dave Franco (again? he's not THAT great yet keeps getting roles. Do they think older brother James will show up or something?).

Gotta admit, Sage (Lucy Hale) sure plays cute well. Plus love Rami the butler. Between Dorota and Rami and Marco, I think there need's to be a new category at the Emmy's. Best Actor (or Actress) Playing the Help.

Meanwhile Megan's mom pops up, Lily apparently got married, and Will continues to be jealous of Charlie's relationship with Megan (but you have to admit, Michael Cassidy definitely has a charming and cute naturalism and his chemistry with JoAnna Garcia is palpable).

The Big Bang Theory - The Vartabedian Conundrum - Ep. 210

Okay, I've never had a problem with Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and I've always liked her presence on the show but she's been SOOOOOO great lately on the show as one of the guys and I love her rapport with Leonard post-dating is sweet and her reactions to Sheldon make them the new comic duo to beat on the show.

I'm actually shocked that Stephanie never met Penny before this week's episode in which Penny gives Leonard advice when he freaks out after discovering Stephanie and him were already living together.

How I Met Your Mother - The Fight - Ep. 410

Will Sasso always kind of freaked me out but his "wig" look just looked plain freaky. No wonder he learns to beat everyone up with the reactions he must get.

Between Barney punching himself in the face (and his lesbo pick up tactic), Lily's devoted yet mocking tone towards "manly" Marshall and Robin's newfound crush on the brawny Barney, the episode worked far better than one would have initially thought and I did like the clips of classic HIMYM scenes that conveniently showed Doug (Will Sasso) in the background.

Plus, with the Oh-No-He-Didn't dumped-by-his-fiance slight at Ted, Doug's comeuppance was hilarious despite all the violence on our good natured show (showing Ted's hand hurtin' after was a hoot too).

Worst Week - The Apartment - Ep. 110

There is life after the wedding and Worst Week is going to continue to mine the Oh-My-God-I-Can't-Believe-The-Predicament-Sam's-Getting-Into!

This time with boss Rachael Harris! And a promotion for Sam! And a toilet leak and pigeons and another disaster at their apartment that will force the newlyweds BACK to the in-laws. Normally I would groan if it weren't as hilarious done as they've done here.


Esther said...

I really got choked up when Scotty climbs into Kevin's hospital bed and they snuggle. So sweet and so natural.

Yeah, I could do with less Holly. I'm struggling to remember, how exactly did they lose control of the family business to her?!

And I think Gaby and Carlos are my favorite Desperate Housewives characters. Eva Longoria is just a great comic actress.

Vance said...

Seriously, when the series first started, who would have guessed the beautiful Eva Longoria could be so funny? She's always such a hoot and gives it all with gusto! I'm always so impressed!