Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Enjoy The Company of Eli Stone While You Still Can

Eli Stone - Grace - Ep. 202, Unwritten - Ep. 203, Should I Stay Or Should I Go - Ep. 204, The Humanitarian - Ep. 205, Happy Birthday Nate - Ep. 206, Help - Ep. 207

Okay, so I just realized I haven't written about Eli Stone since the premiere and I guess buzz around this show is at a minimal which is probably why ABC has already cancelled it. Still, I kept following because it was a very good show with the bones to be a very great show, much like Greg Berlanti's other shows (Everwood, Brothers & Sisters). Eli Stone started with a strong cast and quirky premise and is finally reaching a point where it's both entertaining and emotionally gratifying. And just as we get one last episode for the year tonight (at 10pm on ABC/AChannel), and only 3 more new episodes in the new year. Sadly, Eli Stone is going to join Berlanti's Jack & Bobby in shows with so much potential that got cancelled just as they were getting really great. Ugh.

Plus, no more new musical numbers or seeing Jonny Lee Miller's bemused face. So sad.

And Victor Garber is unemployed again? That just ain't right.

No more musical guest stars or stars trying a musical number. Okay, Katie Holmes wasn't perfect but she wasn't all that bad.

And finally, with Jordan kicking out his partners (the always awesome Katey Segal AND Tom Amandes!) and Eli becoming a partner in the new law firm specializing in doing good, things finally seem to be sorting out with the logistics of the law firm storyline, with Matt Dowd AND Maggie at the rival firm.

And with Eli helping break apart Maggie with her fiance (and us knowing they will end up together in the far future), and with Taylor having Matt's baby, things are finally getting interesting. Even Keith is getting a decent storyline now that Patti set him up with her daughter Angie (Taraji P. Hensen), who isn't as goody-two-shoes as she seems.

PLUS the revelations thing and the father (Tom Cavanagh) revelations in his secret diary that Dr. Frank thankfully saved, is making the whole "speaking to god" somehow intriguing and interesting without getting all religiously creepy. Plus I like the bond Eli has with brother Nathan.

I think the case that brought it all together was with the kid (Marshall Allman, LJ from Prison Break) trying to emancipate from his controlling father (Steven Culp, Desperate Housewives) after his father won a case for his son to enter an experimental study.

Maybe cause I have a thing for Marshall Allman and I think Culp is another one of those actors that should always be employed, but I loved this show for using them to culminate every major plotline and character into one major story that finally helped define the shows new direction.

I mean, the show was already at its best for amazing casting with its regulars AND guest stars (famous or not), but the show finally seems to be finding itself and figuring out what makes the show work.

But alas, now we will only have 4 more episodes to enjoy it all. Come on ABC. Reconsider please.


Joe Reid said...

I actually thought Katie Holmes was quite good on Eli. She's a really effective TV stars, and she should be on a show somewhere.

And I will miss this show terribly.

Vance said...

You know, I actually loved Katie and Josh Jackson in Dawsons and I didn't mind Katie in Batman or in All My Sons. If you ignore the Tom Cruise abduction, she really ought to be more visible somewhere in entertainment.