Thursday, December 04, 2008

My New York By Numbers

So I'm back from New York and I'll start blogging regularly again (I think/hope/probably even though I said months ago I was going to blog less) but here's a look at my trip in numbers.

Total days in New York: 21

Colbert on Letterman (and a very awkward Kristen Stewart): Once
Total stage shows: 21 (which brings my year total to a whopping 89 now. At least for me. Usually it's like 5-10 at most)
Of those 21 shows that were Plays: 10
Of those 21 shows that were Musicals: 11
Of those that were Spring Awakening: Only 2 this time. For a total of 9 times now. Getting close to beating my Rent record of 12.
Of those 21 shows that were on Broadway: 15
Leaving the total Off-Broadway shows: 6

Total cost: $482.50
A lot of money but not bad still, eh?
Avg. price per show = $22.98

(I spent almost as much buying tickets to Black Watch as gifts at full price (though TOTALLY worth it for the BEST PLAY EVER) but apparently there are still usually RUSH SEATS available on weekday shows (show up at about 6:15pmish for 7pm sale for 8pm show. $20 Cash only) but whatever. Just GO. Get tickets. Service fee online/phone is only $2.50/ticket for St. Ann's Warehouse too so don't delay!)).

Who says you can't do entertainment in a bad economy?

I rushed/lotto'd (granted I'm usually pretty lucky in those), used coupons, volunteered ushered (seriously, it's so easy, why didn't I ever think of doing it before? For Roundabout stuff, go sign up in person only M-F btw. 10-5 or 10-12 on Wed. And go see Streamers at the Laura Pels. AMAZING), and was smart enough to buy the cheapest available tickets to Billy Elliot at the start of my trip (for the last day of my trip) because they are actually pretty good seats at the Imperial. Just don't plan on going to the loo there. One restroom for the entire theatre. It's nuts.

Plus, at the rate drinks are priced in the city, 1 show = 2 drinks at the gay bars/clubs or 1 drink + entrance fee (if even. And I didn't even make it to Splash in the end). And in both cases, you'll be surrounded by queens anyways (well, except at Dividing the Estate which felt more like a trip to Florida. Palm Springs to be exact).

Saw 2 movies in theatres, managed to plow through 6 movies using my friend's netflix, catch 2 more on Logo (a gay movie starring James Marsden and Scott Speedman? I was all over that even though it wasn't very good), all in attempts to avoid shopping too much since really, shouldn't I be saving my money? (since apparently I'm spending it all on theatre and drinking?)

Hours walking the dog (the reason I was there in the first place, to dogsit for a friend): 2 x 1 hour walks x 21 days plus midnight pee strolls (the dog. Not me) = 42 hours+. Damn bitch may be cute and innocent looking but it's all a facade because she will rip into anything she gets her paws and teeth on (like my suitcase, shirt, pens, my friends shoes, cd's, water bottles, playbills, tissue, the remote, jewelry, watches, a fortune cookie, umbrella's etc. etc. etc.). But she's so cute. The pretty and cute end up getting away with everything don't they?

Time, like clockwork, the dog woke me up every single morning: 6:30am. Did I mention I am NOT a morning person?

Time waiting on the subway platform = Way more than I would have figured a world class city should make you wait. Apparently the TTC ain't so bad after all. (On the other hand, I had to use the F train which never seems to come and seems to stand for a four letter word you say when you see it go by as you're running through the turnstiles).

Times I used the Charmin' restrooms in Times Square (look for the guy dressed up as a toilet. I'm not kidding you): Once
Times I thought afterwards that this is a corporate dystopian nightmare/wonderful product placement synergy/strange disneyworld ride of washrooms where poo-pooing and peeing is the 2 minutes of pleasure after waiting in line where many many MANY jolly people greet you and welcome you to pee and poop in their facilities (not to mention the many many MANY people THANKING you for peeing and pooping in their facilities as you leave). I almost thought I could buy one of those photos of yourself in their "attraction" as I left.: At least 36 times. Maybe more.

Amount of work I actually got done: 0. Oops.


Esther said...

Wow, what a terrific roundup of your trip! I'm so glad I had a chance to share some of it with you.

And I can't believe you saw everything for under $500. That's amazing. Ushering sounds like fun. Can you do it if you have no previous experience? And yeah, you're right about the audience demographic at Dividing the Estate!

And the dog does look very cute.

Michelle said...

Welcome back! You do know how to work every single angle when it comes to the theatre. Who knew that they needed volunteer ushers?

And while I totally sympathize about the dog duties (morning, noon and night), it was your free ticket to 21 days worth of NYC accommodation. A great deal, if you ask me.

Vance said...

Ushering requires no experience. The hardest part is just finding a free slot to sign up for, the rest they will brief you on an hour before the show. Then they sit you in the best available seats. Totally easy, as long as you can get a spot. Pal Joey is apparently booked until Feb. Playwrights Horizon didn't even email or call me back.

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