Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bones - WTF WAS THAT???

The Knight on the Grid - Ep. 308

Okay, I totally knew that must have been coming at the end but that still TOTALLY FREAKED ME OUT. What an ending!!!

And how did it begin again?

A priest is found dead and it leads back to the Gormagon case and now I feel like I need to rewatch this season over again. When did Bones have an arching storyline? I love it but I'm confused. I should have concentrated on the clues instead of the sexual sparks coming from the lab (Bones and Booth, Angela and Hodgins).

Plus, Ryan O'Neal AND Loren Dean return as Max and Russ, Bones' father and brother. Russ' daughter is sick and her mom contacts Bones for help. Bones contacts her jailed father for help, who manages to get Russ out from hiding, but thus in the path of Booth to arrest him. I have to say, this whole family storyline is playing far better than I would have imagined and added some more messy family dynamics into the procedural mix and gives Bones some nice human moments.

I liked what Mikey had to say, that Bones has always done a better job than most in differentiating itself from the other procedurals and it seems to be upping the game this season.

Add John Francis Daley as Dr. Sweets, this week totally helping the case with his "guesses" much to Bones' dismay, and the EXTREMELY FREAKY storyline of the cannibalistic society (shudder) and I totally feel good for putting Bones onto my current Top 10 list. Did I mention this show is very very funny?

Plus, I'm guessing everybody noticed that kiss? I mean, it was only a peck on the cheek, but it was a peck on the cheek from Bones to Booth!!!

Loved that they totally twisted the end-of-episode montage/cue music scene/cheat and freaked us all out. I mean, I even knew it was coming (since Bones usually wouldn't do such an emotionally manipulative montage) and I still freaked OUT.

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