Monday, November 26, 2007

Brother & Sister Win Another Desperate Race

The Amazing Race - Let's Name Our Chicken Phil - Ep. 1204
Desperate Housewives - Distant Past - Ep. 408
Brothers & Sisters - Something New - Ep. 208

Even though work is SUPPOSED to be calming down, it's been a bit crazy so I'll try to update this a bit more later today if I have some time, but just some quick notes for now.

The Amazing Race and the animal trend continues, this week with chickens and goats. (They ram, but they don't bite!). I don't blame the blondes on using the U-Turn (what a GREAT new twist! More interesting than seeing them just stand there and wait) since they probably would have been eliminated if they didn't use it on Jason and screaming girl (Lorena? I can't tell, I just remember Jason cause she screamed it so much).

It was another close one at the pit stop with Brother and Sister team beating out Stepford Couple team by a mere split second. Thank god. I kinda love to hate Nathan and whatsherface.

I actually love that Victor ISN'T actually DEAD on Desperate Housewives but out for revenge, after he lies to the police about remembering what happening but making sure Gaby knows exactly what she and Carlos did. Fantastic!

Love that Andrew and Bree had a heart to heart and that his character really seems even fuller than before after Bree finds out Andrew is no longer angry with her, though I hope him moving out doesn't mean we will see less of him. On a counterpart, I also liked that Lynette's ex-stepfather (The Thornbirds' Richard Chamberlain) returns to help Lynette bring her mother back, but his secret that he left her for another man is finally revealed to Lynette. It was a nicely played out plotline that had a nice ending that Desperate Housewives deserved.

On the other hand, it was nice to see the men get all nasty, each one using another for a "favour" to their benefit in a subtle case of blackmailing on Wisteria Lane.

On Brothers & Sisters, Kevin is still being a crybaby about Jason not calling and ends up sleeping with Scotty after he brings back leftover lobster and champagne. Man, if it's all that it takes...?

Knowing that it's an awkward situation, Scotty decides to move to another place but Kevin dumps Jason for Scotty again. WOO!!! (and I'm wooing knowing full well we will still see Jason because Eric Winter is coming back!) Let the gay triangle begin! (again).

Kitty takes dancing lessons with Jack, and seeks to buy a wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses with Rebeca and Sarah after trying on Nora's hideous wedding dress from her original marriage, meanwhile, Nora goes to date her ex-flame Chevy Chase. Apparently Brothers & Sisters is where 80's movie stars go to die, and I'm kinda okay with it. What's this now?

Sally Fields, Rob Lowe, Danny Glover, Margot Kidder and now Chevy Chase?

Or is it the show for Alias Alums? 3

Aaron Sorkin alums? 2, now that Steven Weber is guesting as a possible business (and by business I mean let's get "down" with it, jiggy with it, let's "DOOOOOO IT") partner for Sarah)

"You know I'll be kissing you soon enough, right? I'm attractive. You're attractive, we're about the same age. We're designed to get it on!":
thirtysomething alums? several if you include behind the camera.

Everwood alums? 2

Do I have that right?

I kinda love this show for that!

Although what was with the random Lyle Lovett cameo? Though having an ex-Mr. Julia Roberts is always welcome, if not weird and random.


Manuel B said...

I tell you ABC is the most gay-friendly network around ;)

Vance said...

Yup, That's why I love my Disney and its subsidiaries!

I'm still loving the ABC comeback since Lost and DH debuted.

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