Monday, November 19, 2007

Chuck Versus Rachel Bilson

Chuck Versus The Truth - Ep. 108
Chuck Versus The Imported Hard Salami - Ep. 109

OMG SO GOOD! First off:

Rachel Bilson is here bitch! The OC alum plays Lou, a cute sandwich maker (not a euphemism) who takes a liking to geeky shaggy brunette Seth Chuck, which is enough to make Chuck fake break up with Sarah and their fake relationship, especially after a truth serum causes Sarah to tell Chuck straight up that she has no feelings for him. Except that she does and had trained herself to be immune to the serum, much like her previous experiences with male partners (which Casey points out, and quickly retorts that he's not interested! (how much do we love Adam Baldwin? As if Firefly wasn't enough before!)).

Meanwhile, last week, Marshall! Kevin Weisman (Alias) plays the baddie using the truth serum and plants a deadly truth virus onto Ellie because she helped out the wrong guy.

Sadly Morgan is still around yet they send Harry Tang (C.S. Lee) to Hawaii (and off the show)? How is that fair? Morgan hits on Anna who is disgusted by the notion until she's not and they start making out. Okay, now that that is out of the way?

OMG I love that after Chuck goes back and forth with Lou, and after Sarah and Chuck are in danger, thinking they are about to be blown up, they end up totally making out! A little awkward for Sarah, totally pleasurable for Chuck!

So Casey and Sarah were a little suspicious of Lou since she took an instant liking to Chuck, and Lou's ex-boyfriend Stavros is a suspected arms dealer/importer. After Chuck and Lou's date where Sarah keeps intruding and Chuck acts weird, Lou's out, but as Chuck tries to win her back, he ends up following her to a shipment... of illegally imported Salami. Unfortunately, Stavros suspects something and captures Sarah and Chuck.

Casey, pretending to be FDA super agents, manages to get the shipment information out of Lou and along with the awesome Sarah (and how much do I love that there is a strong man balancing off a strong woman to save the day? As Chuck literally gets pushed aside to safety?) manage to almost escape, except for the impending ticking clock that leads to the now infamous kiss... but wait. THAT'S NOT ALL FOLKS!!! Third Watch guy is looking on...

So as Chuck goes back to lightly dumps Lou, honestly telling her she's everything he's wanted, but at the wrong time, Chuck moves his mind back to Sarah and leaves a date request on her cell phone just as she and Casey are discovering what that ticking clock REALLY was...

as the case opens, it reveals a frozen Bryce (Casey: "Didn't I Kill Him?") as Sarah's emotions flood open...

OH YEAH! I knew that twist must have been coming (Well, the fact that Matthew Bomer's name was in the opening credits) but damn, good twist and a good way to bring back Bomer into the mix! Can we now add the remaining Travelers aboard? One can never have enough of Logan Marshall Green. We already have The OC AND Traveler connections. Might as well make it full circle!

Thanks to Daemon'sTV for the pics.

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