Wednesday, November 21, 2007

House of Beauties and the Game of Survivor

House - You Don't Want to Know - Ep. 408
Beauty and the Geek - Whine and Dine - Ep. 411

Oh damn, I thought the Black Mormon/Father (What is he really at this point? I don't know what House is joking about anymore and what isn't) was going to prevail and join the team (and be a replacement Foreman). Was that too straight forward in colour casting?

Love that House gives immunity to whomever could get Cuddy's red panties AND they get to choose who is up for elimination. Evil Bitch and Plastic Surgeon dude conspire together but fail. Thirteen is too busy noticing the shakes in her hand and trying to hide it from House to play along.

Meanwhile, a magician is mystifying House and company, something with bleeding but really, with his magic tricks. Watching House think he knows the tricks and yet is totally baffled was terrific. Guess the know it all didn't know it all.

Cole manages to snag Cuddy's panties (with a nice verification trick by House), and the game is on as everyone gives him reasons why they should stay on the House island. Love that Taub tries to buy him off, while Kutner simply tells him he's not really competition playing the Richard Hatch trick.

In the end, Thirteen had been drinking caffeinated coffee that House switched underneath her nose, giving her the shakes and not from a possible hereditary disease her mom had, while Cole gets fired after Cole puts up Kutner and Taub for elimination and House sees that Cuddy and Cole had conspired together to get her choices through.

Wilson still needs more lines while Cameron and Chase must be trying to reconcile their real-life relationship problems.

On Beauty and the Geek, it's the final three and time for whining. Actually, wine. There's an obstacle course as the challenge, where teams must pick grapes, stomp them, and use the juices to fill 3 bottles to be carried over to the host (who I still don't know his name even though he's one of the most likable reality hosts this side of Phil Keoghan).

Anyways, as funny as Sam has become, Sam and Nicole always win so I didn't want them to win. And since Jen and Will still hate each other (but were easing up... a bit), by default, I wanted Dave and Jasmine to win, even though they had no physical abilities between the two of them... yet... THEY WON!!! WOOHOO!!!

This left the other two teams to fend for themselves in the elimination round, but not after some video reviews of the beauties and the geeks initial introductions. Loved that Will and Jen were really fighting right from the start and not some growing thing. Interesting to see the others realise that after watching the videos.

Anyways, alas, their bickering probably hindered them, or Sam is smarter than his model good looks would say, but Nicole and Sam prevailed again, eliminating Will and Jen. Some fake lovey dovey things were said, (actually, it was awkward but sweet) and off they go their separate ways. Love that Will and Jen were STILL insisting each were right in the case of the weight of fat and muscle.

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Liz said...

Dude, how caffeinated was that coffee?! 'Cause decaf already has some caffeine, and she drinks that, and I drink caffeine, like, five times a year and STILL don't get the shakes. Just sayin'.

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