Friday, November 16, 2007

An Ugly Death And Being A Cool Anatomy

Ugly Betty - I See Me, I.C.U. - Ep. 208
Grey's Anatomy - Forever Young - Ep. 408

Bradford isn't quite dead yet on Ugly Betty. In what is supposed to be the requisite downer episode, dealing with a major characters possible/impending death, the folks here still managed to make me laugh out loud several times (anything with Mo'Nique as L'Amanda, the weekend security guard at Mode, Henry reacting to L'Amanda's advances, Betty's continuing pratfalls and the return of the Guadalajara poncho!, harking back to walking into the glass from the pilot, Wilhelmina and Marc's attempt to find Bradford's will, the discovery that both Betty and Marc knew about the secret sex room and Wilhelmina didn't, Claire and Yoga hiding out at the Suarez's, Claire being made up to look like Chita Rivera).

Then kudos for adding the dramas toward Bradford and Daniel reconciling, Claire reconsidering her escape to see her children (after seeing Hilda and Justin's awesome relationship), and then reconciliation with Bradford just before he (finally) dies. (Alan Dale dying on another series? Check!)

And you know, I'm sure other people are sick of it but I LOVE that music that gets played each time there's that "DRAMATIC" moment on Ugly Betty. The simple chords actually work for me each and everytime and has a nice unifying touch for the show. Plus, was it me or was there the underlays of the West Side Story score just before all that when Claire Meade walks into the hospital disposing of her disguise?

Anyways, we now need to see a battle of the royales. Amanda vs L'Amanda. That. Would be AWESOME. (And I'm not really sure who would kick whose butt).

Plus, loved the quick cut from the dramatic music and emotional death to Wilhelmina with a new scheme, um, something do to with Bradford's dead body? Ew... I hope they are not going there.

(More Ugly Betty pics after the jump:)

On Grey's Anatomy: it's high school all over again when Bailey's high school crush (D.B Woodside who yes, while got fame from 24, I think of as the new principal from Buffy) is injured and needs her to mend it. She becomes a blubbering piece of mush, the anti-Bailey you could say, and George gets worried while Hahn just calls it out straight. Love Hahn!

George and Izzie are uncomfortable with each other and both run to Mer for best friend support since they can't talk to their former best friend, now current lover. SEE? What did I tell you? Now everyone thinks they broke up.

Christina is still pissed that Hahn likes Izzie more but she finally breaks some ground in convincing Hahn. Just a bit.

Lexie is now mad at Alex for spilling the beans on her secret, and she's pissed at Meredith for bonding with their father when he comes in a raging drunk.

There's more high school antics (what's with all the high school talk this week? Like on Bones), McDreamy doesn't notice someone who he's worked with many many times, Callie is loving the downfall of Gizzie, and McDreamy is oggling the high school students that have come in from an accident until one of them think he looks like her dad! Oh, and both Bailey and McDreamy were in band together. Derek played the sax, Bailey, the oboe.

I would talk about the surgeries but the pencil/brain thing totally grossed me out that I couldn't even watch. Yech...

Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy photos below:

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