Thursday, November 01, 2007

Why Is Everything On Thursdays?

I'm missing this:

for this:

and this:

and this:

At least 30 Rock isn't on tonight (instead, NBC is fitting in 2 new episodes of My Name Is Earl, which while entertaining, is not must watch live TV for me).

A few more photos from the tour so far that I stole borrowed from toastiness after the jump:


Mario said...

I heart SYTYCD. We will be the 'over-the-top-muscle-marys-probably-wearing-matching-outfits-screaming-Neil's-name' and more than likely blocking your view. :)See you at the show! (Oh and we love your site!!)

vance said...

Oh! Thanks for the love! Just don't get in the way between me and Neil! This goes to all those 14 year old screaming girls as well!

Anonymous said...

Where was Lacey for her dances? Is she sick or injured?

I liked last year's venue better.

My favorite part of SYTYCD Toronto was when that girl shouted "You're so hot" in the middle of Cam's monologue. Haha.

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